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Jei Jei
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  • Bro, I've seen recent vids of your Pit, and it's very solid! How do you play Pit so well? How do you observe opponents/mindgame them when using Pit? Any other favorite tactics you use?

    Your Pit is really good bro! Maybe you can help me more w/ doubles as I saw some of your videos. Where do you look @ while you play doubles? What are Pit's best teammates and how can I be a better doubles partner?
    What's good man? Your Pit is too good! I can't believe I found your profile, but I've watched your videos and they are amazing! How can I improve my pit? What goes through your mind while you play? How do you predict opponents? Anything else that you can help w/ on my quest to become one of the best pits?
    Yeah definitely, but i'll miss out on the release of sims 3 :(, oh well brawl's more fun anyways :), yeah it'd be awesome if sonthor could come but seriously you lost to his D3? oh yeah uhh is there a melee tourney gonan be going on even though i'm new to it I have mastered WD already and I think lcancelling either I did it right or i'm not doing it at all because I can see the difference XD also FC please
    Hey jei sup, hey you're dating my friends sister XD, sonthor? thats awesome dude oh yeah gimme your FC I wanna play you on wifi too even though it sucks donkey balls
    I'll look forward to dittoing you too.

    Bryce told me your Yoshi is pretty good, he also said he doesn't know which of us is more obssessed with them. lol.
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