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    Tibs, you need to win Brawl at Reloaded ($800 bro, srs $hit no first will come CLOSE to this again) then come with everyone to the Casino and double it.

    Or I will kick you, realise how small I am and how useless this is, then get out a drug cocktail and inject it with you and you will turn into an ugly dragqueen.
    Srsly, you're my pick for the event...
    I just realised I never got money from you for the control.
    Don't make me track you down and molest you. </3

    Sounds good man. Almost no point going down if I don't get to play you and 'Tillsy.
    Will you be home afterwards? I'd like to get some games in with you and Attila and I'll be in melb 'till wednesday.
    oi, your brothers being fail and not coming to business time 2, but that doesnt mean you have to be **** like him.
    come along with cao, do it.
    Nah I doubt I'll be in Melb until Robocop.
    I had to move back as one of my brothers got arrested and blah blah etc.
    I can just send it.
    are you trying to tell me that you dont mind 'name cannot be mentioned here' simply because he regurgitated something you said and kissed your ***.

    and then you made it your sig poor form tibor. (inb4irony)
    my aim is playerxoverx

    p3's is something which a bunch of random numbers, i'll get it from him tomorrow when he wakes up.
    Schite I forgot about those controls. >_>
    Umm, next week, or the week after, probably.
    Depends if Play-Asia are nice to me or not.
    Yeah, I can see most of the things I did wrong, it was just the whole pressure of a room full of easterners being against me, never been in a situation like that. If there was less pressure I would have played a lot more normally. The only Snake MU experience I got was really a little bit from Corpse, Vlade and Proxy which all don't play anything like Jbirds. You should've seen my matches against Chris, really proud of them. lol
    K, what's the final deal so I can work it out with Apollo?
    I'm teaming with you, or are you with Bryan?
    Also we need to exchange mobile numbers for the airport and stuff.
    Hahaha, silly Bryan.
    Anyway did you give some thought into staying Sunday and leaving Mon around mid-day?
    It's the exact same airline and a cheaper price (I'll pay the switch fee, around $20 - $40).
    My stepdads fine with waking you up at 4am, but I think it'd be eaiser if you bboth have the same flights.

    btw if you team with me you'll win, trust me. I know how to use MK's with Diddy's). I'll give my winnings in dubs to you to cover the airline switch). I DO NOT use MK in singles though.

    Anyway, think about it.
    You'll win singles though, easily.
    No gay MK's in SA (I can use him, but I only do when others do).
    I swear to god when I find out which one of you two is lying.......
    I spoke to Bryan about his flights.
    He's on the same flight as you coming here, but he leaves on monday.
    We both agreed that you're stupid though.
    So change your flight (if you're not obligated or anything) to monday miday (Tiger) and I'll pay the difference (it shouldn't be much at all).

    If you have to be back in Melbourn super early on Sun, then ignore this.

    Me and Bryan are going to the Ca$ino on Sunday though.....

    IT :@:@:@:@
    Finally, I'm unbanned.
    My stepdad is awesome, so yeah, he's fine with picking you up on Sat and the early drop off on Sunday (I often have 6:00AM flights to Sydney on Sunday anyway).
    Also, when I'm not awake at 5am I'll annoy some other people into coming.

    And I mean, ANNOY.
    Although, if I don't annoy them, you'll have more of a chance of winning.
    I have no idea what the Melee scene is like here, it's going to be interesting to see it.
    The Brawl scene is laughable, though.
    Also, I'll be housing you and Chu, I have room for a couple more (Shaya, Ted or Luke) and Apollo can house as well.
    I dunno.
    Depends if I can bf.
    Tibs nova said that is fine
    leisha will probably be taking that flight back also.
    try and convince your brother and Shaya to come braaaaaaaah
    I got your email and I am about to book tickets, which seat are you in though?
    what scabe said, also I'd like to book that hotel room asap so if I could get an answer from you soon that would be good
    I'm too brokezor's for Reloaded. Not enough hype as well, in my opinion. Anyways you should come down to ACT for the ACT tourney. I'll house ya ;)
    Let me know if you're coming to my thing or not ASAP so I can get like Scoot or something to come instead.

    Also are you going to Reloaded?
    You're in the club now tibzzzzz

    Usually I have this screening process for people who wanna be in, but people I know that are good automatically get in.
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