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  • Chris i have decided you are coming to Smashplay 4 and we will be teaming.
    Miss Chris
    dont tell me your teaming with bryan at this monthly!!!!!!!!!
    please team with tibs. i need some love :(
    Same as you pretty much lol. Not many tourneys happening around my area though so I haven't been playing much lately :ohwell:
    they are hella expensive my friend...... i would come if i could. If they get mad cheap in the next few days ill come otherwise not looking good
    omg chris im so sorry, i cant go to squat, flights are bout 350 all up and yeah dont have the $...im really sorry. i hope you still win though
    hey chris are we still able to team for squat...just wanna make sure =) ehehe
    Heya Chris, how's it going? I remember you asking for my MSN address, so here it is: smoknpup@hotmail.com. Hopefully we could make some arrangements for SQUAT some time, if you're up for it. See you around, dood.
    hey chris! do you know if you're driving to rocky 'cause then i could bring a much needed 2 TV's? if so it would be a massive help
    well I bagsied versing him first, see!
    lol I'm sure it'll all work out, but if you guys team it'll be pretty op.
    Chriiiiiiiissssssss! lol, I don't think you'd even know me at this point. But it's good to see you're going to Summersmash. I absolutely NEED to play a set with you or something when I'm up there. I've killed off everyone I needed to in NSW and have to progress that step further.

    Also, I think we should do Brawl doubles together if you didn't have anything planned for that. Shaya is teaming with Luke so I need to find someone good who's willing to pair up with this amazing #1 NSW player, (ya, better than Shaya atm). I hope I made that sound tempting. >.>
    so your probs the best brawl player this side of aus huh?
    cant wait till the next queensland brawl tourney, I didnt get to play you at brawl buddies
    Thought I drop by & say hey,since I see 2 nintendo toys that I have as well.
    The Phantom Hourglass Link & Big Mario toy.:)
    added you on msn to discuss possible meet up/s

    smith_anthony90@hotmail.com is my msn
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