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  • Just a reminder in case you've forgotten, I'm still hosting that meet this sunday.
    Hi Vermy,
    Sorry it's been a while since I've visited Smashboards.
    If you're interested in getting into SF3 specifically, Couch Warrior events are the place to go at the moment. Level of skill is lower than used to be, but the guys that run it are really enthusiastic and will help train up anyone who says they want to. SF4 you can either go to Couch Warriors, or Boxhill fortnightly tournaments. Best to keep an eye on http://www.ozhadou.net/
    yo yo
    Hey, i dont know if shaya has spoke to you but yeah, Shaya is able to house quite a few of us at his, but there is a catch. to stay for 3-4 nights whatever it is, it will cost us $30. the 30 will cover for drinks and pretty much kicking his mum out so we can stay there. hope you dont mind. get back to me if you are ok with this shiz.
    cheers, tibs.

    Like the proud Growlithe, you are very friendly and faithful to people, so sit... uh, stand, with your head held high!

    :) wubs ~Splice~
    For Double sided Shirt:
    White T shirt
    Size XL
    On Front I want "DK" in big letter in the center exactlye as it is in this PICTURE
    On Back I want "SOVAustralia's D0N" written horizontally up top in an arc using the same font style and color scheme as the DK letters in the previous picture. Under the text, I want a picture of DK in his black brawl costume doing the melee taunt (the wtf happened one).

    For Single sided Shirt:
    Black T shirt
    Size Medium
    Only on front
    "Kadaj" written up top in a straight horizontal line, white text, Stencil style, with marth in his black brawl costume doing counter (before someone hits him) under it.

    That's it. I'm trying to keep it simple, especially the single sided one. Does that cover everything?
    Ok instead of the hoodie, let me get a a single sided black t-shirt with marth on the front with his black outfit doing counter. Above that have Kadaj written in the stencil type text they use for Newspaper.

    Ill pay you for both shirts @ stigma. I still need to find out that size for this shirt :dizzy:...

    ill get it soon.
    Hold off on the hoodie for now.

    I'll take the double sided DK shirt though. Ill want an XL. I'll pay you at Stigma.
    Can I get a black hoodie with a picture of Marth and "Kadaj" written above it? Both picture and text on the back.

    And a white t-shirt with a picture of DK (Black Brawl version doing melee taunt) and "SOVAustralia's D0N" (Use same text style/format used on tie) written above it? Again, both on back. And DK written in big letters on the front the exact same way it would be written on his tie.

    And how much would each cost?
    So I was thining about the t-shirt/hoodie thing. I should know what I want on it by the end of the day. It will probly involve DK's Down taunt (mabe with the why too serious thing) and have Australia, D0N and SOVA written on it somewhere. How much are is a jumper and how much is a shirt?
    Heya Vermy--I'm teaming with a bud's Snake at a tourney next month. I remember reading that your usual partner is a Snake, especially with that wicked Explosion-Withdraw combo of yours. :D

    Any other tactics you guys use a lot?
    so yeah, I'm thinking assault and mario pro's team up then win.

    also you said I played your kirby last time I was in melbourne and I was thinking about that and I remember you now, with the piercings and stuff right?
    (I have really really bad memory and usually have to 'meet' someone about 3 times to remember them)
    Thanks bro, er, homeboy. Wait, I can't say that. I'm not cool enough to pull it off 'cause I'm not an Aussie ;)
    Captain Nimrod can't remember how to send friend requests, so if you could send me one so I could verify, that would be great. If you don't want to, that's fine, too.
    Snake's odd. I hadn't played a good Snake in a while, and when I came back down to LA for the summer, my friend wrecked me consistently for a day or so before I got the hang of Snake again. XD
    I've updated the Hall of Fame to include your latest results, Vermy. Interesting choice picking Falco. :O
    You should get an image of Squirtle with a knife in his mouth and coming out of the water like Rambo. Put THAT in front of your ASSAULT logo. :O
    Vermy, your latest entry into the Hall of Fame has been updated. If you have any more updates, let me know.
    Hello you may not know me but just yetsterday I join the Fellowship PT group and I just went to the person that made the group but he isnt able to brawl n wifi so with that said would would you like to brawl?

    PT vs PT?
    friendz timez nao.
    my msn is magicalpuffinfresh@hotmail.com

    but I work midnight till 8 mon to fri and my work doesnt have msn, only smash boards.
    hey, you made that thread long ago about custom sigs in the aussie forums, are you still making them?
    heya man, long time no talky >.>, how you been last month or so? i just spent the last 3 weeks in the middle of hick country, just with my folks over xmas, there any plans for the next brawl event yet? pitty i missed the last one, ah well, eva's gotten better i think, anyways,

    catch ya round *salutes*
    ah, yea, i feel his pain *sigh* IceK "tried" to chain grab me to a spike but skrewed it up twice, lol, but yea, i know what ya mean >.< better luck next time i guess.
    yea, that would be bloody awesome, i'll be looking forward to it, Eva lives quite a bit farther away than i do, but he comes to my joint every second weekend so, next time he'll be up is around the 6th or 7th, you get the idea, lol

    anyway, that'd be awsome
    lol, sleeping ftw! yea i came equal 13th. woot! not bad for my first tourny ever if i do say so myself =D how about you and ugly?
    heya man, good to hear from ya, I'm going good, lol, i spent a whole lot of today asleep. >.> how bout you?
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