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  • Hey man, yeah I'm good. Busy Christmas, busy new years. Just had a Smash n Get Smashed fest at mine last night. And the next official brawl tourney is feb sometime, check out the Stigma-B thread for more details when the dates confirmed.
    We went piss poor to put it bluntly. I had such an off brawl day. =/
    My reflexes were so effing slow. Ugly got paired up with an incredibly cheap IC player and got chainthrow>spike>death. After that match rules were changed. Ah well. Back to training mode.
    You guys should come up our end some time and we'll set up a smash day/night
    Yeah, no too bad. I spent most of monday asleep too lol. Did you find out how you ranked in the tourney?
    Hey dude, how's it goin?
    Me and my crew partner played against you and Eva at the tourney.
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