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  • Naw its just pot as in the drug you know, and then everyone was like. Yeah more pot would be good... and well you know.
    You going on saturday?
    probably DK, snake or Wario. Someone who lives forever and has very reliable KO moves.

    people like MK, marth etc may be very good characters, but they lack such powerful and reliable KO moves which sonic needs
    It's all good.

    Glad to see you get into competitive smash.

    Drop Sonic though, he's low tier :p
    I'm an angry person ;).

    But I wouldn't have raged at you, i'm a lot calmer in person. Plus you probably wouldn't have been asking me annoying questions, or whatever you did that annoyed me back in the day (I recall me going "UGHH HATE BABYSITTING", but nothing else in particular).

    I was wearing a leather jacket though, more black than brown.
    Not sure, don't exactly remember.

    You should have said something man, or didnt you realise who I be? :)
    Omg, hey kid :D

    Nah I don't really go on it now, I've gotten really bad at smash 64.

    One day I was playing it, the next I stopped being able to do anything at all. All the muscle memory kinda disappeared in one go.

    Were you at the stigma-b in April? I was there you know :_:
    Ooops lol sorry man, your name is nothing like justyn. Howd you go last month?
    I've beeen good whats been going on man?
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