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  • Heya Zan, just curious when the next SF3 and SF4 events are. I've been playing both the games for a while now, and seem to do well at work (I work at Playtime Highpoint) so I wanted to get into competitive Street Fighter. =)
    Thanks for the info, I guess what I was most interested in was what program you were using to accept 2 audio inputs. I didn't realise that virtua dub was so versatile. Thanks for the info, I'm sure I'll be referring back to it

    Forgot all about your request for info, saw you post, recalled that request, here I am.

    I use Virtual Dub for recording, divx pro.

    I use a simple USB Recording device (I use kyworld dvd maker 2, but im pretty sure they're all the same). I'd say because all the games you take care of rely on Component cables you'd need to get splitters (because Im not sure of any TVs doing component out... yet) and a recorder that does component. I think they're already available. Dazzle, for example - I believe.

    For sound I purely use a microphone. The day before rocky/bam I bought a new one for $50. Logitech. It seems pretty good, picking up more background sounds than I thought it would (it states it removes such sounds). I believe it can also record in stereo... hence the sound quality is possibly all the better.

    Codec settings I have it as h263, 2000kb bitrate. Simple mp3 codec for sound.
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