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  • So did you want a lift there/back on Saturday? A lift there on Sunday? Can I get a lift home on Sunday? :o
    Apparently I was supposed to ask you if you wanted a lift to DGB. Or a lift back home. Or both, whatever.
    Also I made a thread about Melbourne Smash in MyWii/MMGN so you should go help me spam it. Yeah.
    Why is your luigi so tokilicious?

    wait i havent vsed your luigi, meh
    Hi .

    I didn't see you at school today. Sick?
    I'll likely be attending Don't Come. Wanna crew? (if you're not already taken...)
    I wonder if you're good enough to get PR struck? teehee~

    My laptop charger broke so no computer, which means no MSN -_- phone typing is silly.

    I'd like to crew with like the greatest Mario ever though ;)
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