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  • Eh, I talked with your dad at Utican, and he seemed pretty chill. Tell him I was the asian guy he talked to, and maybe that'll help convince him seeing that he's already met me. Also I have a wii, so there should be no problems regarding wii's. Anyway I understand if you're busy with school or life in general (so am I), so I won't pester you a lot about this. But seeing that nobody at my college is really good, I would like to not get too rusty from just practicing by myself. Well, whenever your parents are cool with it, send me a message so we can work this thing out. I'm not in a rush so don't worry about this too much.

    Could you still PM me your address though, so I can figure out a way to get to your house while you work on getting your parents' permission?
    As I posted in the 7th BEST thread, I really think we should meet up irl to get some practice in. I recently figured out how to get to Utica by bus, so can u pm me your address and hopefully I can figure out a way to get to your house. Your parents wouldn't have a problem with this would they?
    Alright, if you come upon anything please let me know. I mean I've seen buses passing through campus so I know they exist, but I can't seem to find any sort of schedule online. Btw unrelated question, but who do you play in brawl? I'm guessing wario b/c of your profile pic, but you never know. I play Falco and Marth but have moderate skill with most of the cast.
    Hey just wondering what type of public transportation I could use to get to Utica? I've looked for buses, but so far I've only seen a bus that runs only in Utica. Do you know any buses that go from Utica to Clinton?
    Yo like I heard it's your birthday so I made sure you got something you liked.

    *runs away*
    I saw your post in this: http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=255990&page=7
    And I had that problem too but I didn't want to bump the thread :P
    Anyhow, I figured out the solution: If you modified any of the messages in MiscData[160] in your info.pac then you need to export it and replace MiscData[9] in mu_menumain.pac
    Worked for me, hope it helps you too ;)
    Ok I can play now.

    Edit: I'll be checking back here every 15 min to see if you responded.
    Hey Pie ^__^! I just wanted to ask you a question about the Global Brawl tournament. Is it double elimination @__@?
    Ok I can play on weekdays from 6-8 pm it used to be 4 but I have all this school work so yeah....
    when can you play it's 3:11 pm here now...

    sorry for not responding sooner my friends were over and they spent the night.
    Yo, me and Koro have been having problems getting our matches done. I messaged him while he was online and waited an hour for no response. Instead if getting into an activity war, just give him a bye. Thanks.

    We fight for the first round of Cubone's Ladder Playoffs.

    It'll have to be Monday, though.
    I play you for Ray's tourney. You can find me on Cubone's xat.

    I can't play after 7PM EST today, and I can't play tomorrow.
    Hey Pie! We've got a match for Ray's Tier Tournament. Let me know when you can play. Good Luck!
    umm, i dont know if i can play, im so busy with college packing and such. So i shall forfeit to you.
    That's a good time. My CP will be Battlefield. Neutral doesn't matter but if I have to choose I'll pick SV.
    I'll be on and off online for the day. Let me know a time when you can play and I'll try to match that.
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