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  • Hey! Never heard of it, but come to think of it my buddy probably has, but i don't think he's ever been. What's it all about?
    Pretty good, especially now that you posted these Wolf pics :3 still have a bunch of hw though. How about yourself?

    It goes well, my friend :) I've been "busy" lately, as in, caught up in trivial matters that don't leave much time for SWF-ing. Gotta get back on that >__>

    Played some P:M this weekend though, the rust still isn't off but I had some very nice moments :3 hopefully videos will be up before too long.
    I can't disagree with the bit about it being flawed in a precision-based game lol. But buffering is so convenient :<

    Yeah, Wolf is definitely still worth playing, but he's too different for me to feel comfortable with as a 4-year vWolf main :/

    I've heard other people say the same thing about Fox... if he's this annoying to fight already, I don't want to think about what'll happen when the physics are fixed X_x TL is interesting, but I'm always disappointed that he doesn't have more range :/

    Hopefully more tournaments start running P:M as a large side-event, there's not much motivation to get into it when everyone else isn't taking it seriously :x
    Aw man. I keep it on :( helps me get moves out asap, which was my biggest complaint with Melee xD Idk, I'm a big buffering fan, too bad they probably won't let me use it in tournament tough ;__;

    I tried playing Ness a bit, but he didn't flow with my gameplay like I was hoping :/ Spacies too, and Marth moves so much differently in P:M than in Brawl that I can't do it haha. Link feels weird too, I mained him in 64/Melee and while he got super-buffed it just feels off... here's to hoping the physics updates fix all that.

    Bowser eats shields like I don't even know, it's so ridiculous. But he's still Bowser, so it's kinda fair :troll: I really can't wait for the metagame to start picking up, it's so exciting to get into a brand new game with so much to discover :D
    Holy crap Ness got a lot of range and speed added to his upB @__@ Yeah haha, I can't use Wolf in P:M for crap, it's so different. He can actually run places now, and bair wall is gone, what is this :p

    And of course ;D I main Lucas, and play around a bunch with TL, Bowser, Lucario, Charizard, and Sonic (or, kinda with Sonic). Do you play with buffer on or off btw?
    I don't have FB so I left messages on Xat and AiB but he hasn't responded; I don't think Joe's banned on AiB. Will you tell him to PM me there? Or if that doesn't work, relay his message via PMs. I waste way too much time online so I avoid FB etc.
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