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  • Pie, happy birthday!!!!! ^__^

    *has Ness cast all PK attacks he knows in the sky to create a beautiful sight outside* :bee:
    Pie, if we're still going for teams, I'm up for it. I'm also fine with it if you don't want to. :p
    P.I.E., your vote for interviewees is currently incomplete, therefore making it invalid. You need to list 5 people to make your vote valid.
    Well I can go to the tourney as long as my brother goes with me lol.

    BTW how come you can go on SWF at like anytime but Skype only on weekends? Just wondering.
    Haha, it's all good. Oh god yesterday I practiced with my brother (he might attend as well, though he doesn't have an account on SWF lol) and he ALWAYS GIMPED HIMSELF.

    He mains Marth and MK, but since MK is banned, he has to use Marth and luckily for me he doesn't know about the deathgrab... XP
    Plus I survived until 200% on my 1st stock with Ness XD He apparently does not know about DI/Momentum Cancelling. :p
    Hey PIE! How are you doing? So I finally told my sister about the details... I MIGHT be able to go to the tourney ^^;
    No i dont ever play Wifi. Its too hard for me. I have heard of cases when its helped others though so if you can and you like it play.
    Hey man i actually am not going to be at NLL. I am not sure where you heard that from. But i will be at Minks tourney in orlando in like 2 weeks will you be there? Oh and good **** Vs wal nut btw. I cant wait to play you when we meet up again. MM?
    Yeah. I don't have anything planned. If you could host or get Mike or Jazz to host and find me a ride then yeah I'm down.
    Sound good, P.I.E. But, i'ma be kinda busy during Winter Break and i've been sorta foucusing more on Melee recently.
    Yeah that would be cool he has been playing alot lately i am sure you could show him a few things. I know he is have a very hard time with marth and Snake.
    I figured out a few days ago that I can't either cause my mom is on call and can't risk driving me.
    Congrats dude have fun.
    Duuuude you should upload matches from your Wii. I think I saved some...if it was your Wii. xD
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