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  • Interesting! How are you finding Corrin? I think I'm actually going to switch to it, pretty fun character and it's exactly my type of play. Though I find that most top tiers give it trouble. Things like Rosalina, Villager, Fox, Mario and Luigi are really annoying to play against.
    Yo were you on basic playing against someone using another black ness and other black/white characters? I just finished playing a baseball colored ness that played a lot like you.
    Nah, I don't play Basic Brawl like ever LOL
    Merry Christmas Tim Tim! Lets brawl ;P
    Plus it didn't exactly make things any better when we had to rush out breakfast for my sister to unwrap her gifts cause she had work at 12 PM... And we had trouble identifying some gifts.

    I was mainly upset cause I go nothing Nintendo related, or even pants/shirts... I think I can say worst Chrostmas yet. :c

    (Sorry about that, on my phone lol)

    Oh and I wish I could Brawl but it's nearly 1 AM here. Lol
    Sorry, I guess I'm down cause I'm used to getting many Nintendo related things. But none of that this year, I didn't even get any pants/shirts whatsoever.
    Timmy! How is everything, bro?
    I wanted to give you advice before but I had to eat dinner, so I will do it now.
    The only reason why I won those 2 or 3 matches when we played is because I read your double jumps. You always jumped onto the stage with your second jump and did an aerial. You need to be less predictable with your double jumps.
    You also need to pay attention to when something works and when it doesn't. Im talking abot your dsmashes. When you used dsmash while I was on the ledge, it worked. When you did it on stage, it didn't work.
    And I think I remember reading ness' fair beats tornado.
    try it, its a lot of fun! :D
    faking isnt alowd because it will make everyone grab and ruin the round. bot grabbing is fine though.
    sneaky silent grabs makes it fun :]
    The game hates everyone >:3
    Yah we should play again, I don't think it's gonna happen though D: people are so busy

    Spoons is MLG!
    It's simple and doesn't really take skill, just reaction :)

    I still go to bed before 11(winter break or not) I just stay up watching YouTube :D (I used to sneakingly do t but not anymore :3
    Haha chewbacca xD it's a bummer we don't play mkwii anymore :( 75% of everyone graduated high school and no one has time to play :/
    Those are some awesome gifts. I got some new shoes and some stuff I needed for around the house(blanket, towel, pajamas, shoes) stuff like that :)

    Clue is so boring :mad: we play awesome games like spoons. It's the best game ever.

    I have all night classes so I can still stay up late :awesome: I still try to get to sleep around 12 though because a lot of times I wake up around 9 no matter what time I go to sleep.
    my Christmas was good but a bit boring, I didnt have any family visit that was close to my age so that was a bummer but it was still fun.
    new years is always the best, me and my family always get together with other families and play games. Its always fun :)
    you ready for school to start again? I'm actually looking forward to it :)
    Wow man, I can't believe I didn't have you on my friends list already! I thought i'd gotten most everyone from the ness boards. Ahh well, stranger things do happen. :p

    Hey, I haven't seen you around in a while though. Come back to the nesss boooaaarrrrdddssss. :p

    Or Lucas boards. :D
    I'll certainly upload replays for you! :)

    My Wii number is: 6288 9412 0960 2748
    Brawl Code: 3137-4100-7756

    You can certainly add me on Skype! azjohn2k4 :b:

    I mod the Light House, Disco Room, Computer Cafe, and Lucario boards. :)
    Of course! I don't have my controller tho owo i may have to use the classic controller if i have to play
    Lol, try to enter a wifi ladder to at least get some good practice in before you enter though. I garuantee it will help, win or lose. Just ask what they think u can work on after the match.
    sup Timmy :) Im doing great, I got back late Wednesday night and it was amazing.
    It was super fancy and the party was on this super tall building in downtown LA :D
    Ill be there for friendlys :)
    I'm doing good, very busy getting ready for my cousins wedding(I leave really soon :D)
    Your welcome. No more thanks necessary :p
    I really wanna play Mp6, everyone says that one is the best. Maybe it will be on the VC for WiiU ^^'
    And have you played earthbound? Mother3? I wanna play mother3 so bad, I know I'm gonna cry though :0

    Haha chewbacca ftw! I'm thinking about making a funny sound clip out of the noise but I don't think I'll have time :(
    And if wanna be good you gotta practice and one of the tourneys the game will give you a break.

    Yah I'm so Hyped for WiiU and paper Mario! And Smash4 :D

    Yah we can brawl sometime :)
    yah but the program puts them in jpgs

    btw if you wanna speed the process along you could take the brawl snapshots yourself... it would be nice
    Lol it's not going.
    Not to be rude but I'm gonna take my time. Ive got to download the software to turn brawl photos in jpgs and I've just been putting it off :p
    I'm just about to leave for my friends party >_>
    I'll message you as soon as I get back :]
    I can't tell you how long that will be but we should prob have time to play still.
    I'm going to a friends surprise party but I still prob will be able to play. I'll do my best to make time :)
    And I just don't like the new mp9, the more luck is involved the more I don't like it. And I hate the fact you don't okay mini games every turn :(
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