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Recent content by yoshi8984

  1. yoshi8984

    Yoshi's Bakery: Labbing Techs & Combos, Version 4.0.0 --- Updated 8/27

    Guess I'm leaving another vid here :V Leaving my vid on Jab > DSmash here. Mostly phone edited but I cover how to practice it, how his Jab works and the few chars it's inconsistent on, along with clips in real matches!
  2. yoshi8984

    Yoshi's Bakery: Labbing Techs & Combos, Version 4.0.0 --- Updated 8/27

    I don't expect much activity here, but I'll still post here: Think this vid on Yoshi's Bair and its many applications that I made should be helpful!
  3. yoshi8984

    Yoshi's Bakery: Labbing Techs & Combos, Version 4.0.0 --- Updated 8/27

    So idk how many people frequent this site anymore, but I thought this vid I made on Yoshi's parry game would be quite insightful.
  4. yoshi8984

    Official Patch 3.1.0 Discussion Thread

    I've wanted to ask, was it just Peach's Fair sourspot that took the nerf? Or both hitboxes on it? I've seen a video on Peach sour Fair, but unsure if sweet spot (the tip) got nerfed too. Clarification would be appreciated! :)
  5. yoshi8984

    Meta Yoshi Critique Thread -- Assembling Our Teachers (Under Construction)

    You can convert the replay file into a video, which then goes onto your microSD Card. You should be able to view the files with an SD Card adapter for your computer/laptop and then you can upload the vid directly onto Youtube since it's an MP4 file :) I obv don't suggest uploading the MP4 file...
  6. yoshi8984

    Fuzzy Pickles: A 2017 Guide To Ness

    Really liked this guide! I would like to say that Fair, while a good tool, it should be stressed to NOT abuse and have it trade, cause of it's multihit nature and usually not being favored (opponent takes 1%, you take like... 10 or more x.x). I have a nice PKT guide if you want to make...
  7. yoshi8984

    Official 4BR Tier List v2.0 - Competitive Impressions

    Son Alert is a Ryu main (even tho I 2-0'd him R1, they were both last hit and it was stressful LOL) and Mitrox is a Cloud. Also idk where the numbers came from, cause it wasn't a BIG tourney for smash 4 lol. I know Melee was there too so maybe you thought it was 95 combined entrants? =P Also...
  8. yoshi8984

    Official 4BR Tier List v1.0 - Competitive Impressions

    I think I have a great post here regarding my take on the Ness vs Fox MU (granted it is almost a year old but for the most part I think the concepts still remain similar to this day cause I made that post after Fox's Double Jab was patched lol). There are some handy video examples in there as...
  9. yoshi8984

    Meta Boss Select! Megaman Matchup Discussion 2.0

    Yeah Ness' Dair is trash offensively lol, we only ever use that move for autocancel/tomahawk purposes (most notably to lag cancel PKF). It can also be used to substitute a tech (think of it like A-Landing) so he can A-Land with Dair and might grab expecting you shield.
  10. yoshi8984

    Meta Boss Select! Megaman Matchup Discussion 2.0

    Here from the Ness boards! :) (Feel free to call me Timmy lol) Our biggest problem is trying to get in and lemons make it hell. We can absorb it, sure, but Magnet is hardly practical in this MU as Lemons can be shot in 1-3 pattern and MM shouldn't be F-Smashing anyway. We can't try to PKF MM as...
  11. yoshi8984

    Some new possible ness tech

    I'm gonna agree here lol. Ness' jumpsquat is 5 frames (which I believe means he leaves the ground at frame 6?) Uair starts on Frame 8. You'd get a frame 14 Uair at best. Ness' SH is 42 frames. Uair autocancels on frame 27 onward. So basically if you input it within the first 15 frames of the...
  12. yoshi8984

    PK Inhale: A Kirby vs. Ness Matchup Discussion

    I'm gonna tell you that if you play Lucas like Ness or vice-versa you WON'T have a good time. :P Ness main here (name's Timmy), I WILL admit it's been too long since I last played the MU, let alone offline (and my region lacks Kirby lol, I got maybe 1 or 2 Kirby co-mains here), but I do know a...
  13. yoshi8984

    Q&A Gameplay Q&A and General Discussion Thread

    Hey guys, name's Timmy, I'm somewhat of a Corrin secondary (black haired one is my Waifu although I actually have yet to play a FE game lol), she's SUPER fun and landing those F-Smashes and DLs are so satisfying. <3 A few questions tho: 1 - Kurogane Hammer puts her recovery stat pretty high...
  14. yoshi8984

    ► *VERSUS MATCHES & COMBO VIDEOS* Megathread - Share your Videos here!

    Oh, I wish I thought to post in this thread earlier... But better late than never I suppose! XD The PSI Prodigy! I planned to upload this video briefly before my birthday (and now I'm 18 lol). I made this video to showcase my Ness (and that I'm not about the patient life or all B-Throws LOL)...
  15. yoshi8984

    Social The Suburbs of Onett - Ness Social Thread

    I'm still overdosing on hype and I'm so proud Ay, put this Ness combo vid together, showing y'all what I can do and also as a reflection of 2015, jump on the hype train :D Enjoy!! ^__^
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