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  • My wii is coming today and I'm like a kid on Christmas right now I can't wait 0_o

    I'm am actually really busy this week but we can prob play Friday night. You seem to be on Skype most of the time so I'll tell you when Im able to play :)

    You need to let me make you an avi :O
    Cool :)
    I hope mp9 is good :o
    I don't think it would be a big deal if you didn't get 3ds, mk7 isn't suited for tourneys very well, it just isn't.
    Don't get me wrong it's an awesome game and worldwides are really fun :)
    Oh hai Timmy :D
    I'm doing really good lately, yah I was really bummed I had to miss it but I just have kinda accepted that I'm gonna have to wait awhile to play.
    How you doing? Doing anything fun for your spring break :o
    You definently should get mk7 it's amazing :D
    Just no johns about the game hating you this time xD
    Also Good job with school!
    It's going good sorry for the late reply I've been busy lately and have had no energy.
    That's awesome you watched it, it's definenlty a good show :D
    Fluttershy is my favorite mane 6 :D
    Yah I totally understand that :)

    Delfino is a good alt for online ness/Lucas because it's so easy to recover there :)
    Haha all the taunting was fine lol
    And you might wanna learn how to play ness/Lucas off pirate ship.
    Because your never gonna be alloud to play there competitvely
    GGs sorry if I'm too competitive >_>
    Sorry I just got back from the dentist >_>
    I'm not sure if I'll be able to play :(
    I should be able to tomorrow :3
    And about the skype thing, I've decided I'm only gonna add my really close friends, Your an awesome guy and all but Im only adding people I know REALLY really well, Hopefully that doesn't sound offensive >_>
    Do you want a new avi?
    I'm practicing with making avitars(still not very good) and thought you could use one :)
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