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  • Hey man.. I know that it's my thread, but considering it's the "best" of falco, they must all be wins, correct? Because perhaps I was wondering if these could be matches against TOP players, but they lost... so I suggest that maybe we should see what they did wrong in the match as well as point out the good things that they did. I feel very confused, and not too satisfied with what I have right now, and I feel that I need someone to point out something to me, so my thread could be more sufficient and not look like a video thread.
    Nah it's all good. But yeah Payne's comin up their in skill, you guys better watch out xD Me and Fury always movin up, and you'll see some new faces that we'r bringing with us.
    I just realized I have a wedding to go to so I can't D; Sorry dude. Gotta walks my mom down the Aisle.
    Christ can return when he wants to can't he? xD but I haven't brawled since then.
    I haven't been on my Wii since Christ's mother was born. I'll look for some replays if they're on there next time I use my wii.
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