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  • ya man definitely. I'm not around there all the time, right now i'm out at school in oswego (my permanent residence) but i will be home in a few weeks sometime. otg is going to vacation in lake george i'm gonna try to make it home to play him and ****. banks and thorn also vacation in lake george too and there's a guy (majin) in fort ann who plays maybe you should try to contact him to play!
    hmm I know there's some melee players in Troy, but at least 1 of them goes to college there so he won't be around during the summer, I dunno about the others. I'm pretty bad at melee but if you just want someone to practice against a bit I'd be down to play some. Also there's most likely going to be a tourney in syracuse in july that I'll be attending if you want to come with. Hit me up at altairian7 on aim sometime if you want
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