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  • got one set up (the mm) in the gw forums, hopefully the tourney set will be up soon. I did better in that one. All matches were 1 stock, so pretty good vs the best snake
    Wow, I'm really sorry to hear that. I can't imagine something like that happening to me. I wish the best of luck to you.
    Dojo got 2 stocked in tournament haha. And I didn't actually think Dojo was going to beat M2K I was just hyping him up :). Even I placed higher then Dojo at Hobo11 XD.

    Really though, I've played a lot of EC and I know how good they are. Razer isn't that amazing(he's really good and is a 14 year old kid who uses a wiimote/nunchuk lol) but I do expect LeeMartin to prove you wrong at Philly. Seriously, find time to play him there, he is insane. His lucario is unbelievable.

    If you want you can look up Razer beating DMG at this past tournament haha.

    Seriously though, are you going to be at COT4? Play me, and I'll make sure you play LeeMartin. Hell, I hyped up dojo a lot, and LeeMartin is litterally a lot better then Dojo haha. I'm going to make sure you play him.
    Final Smash 5: 97 Entrants:

    1st: Lee Martin(Lucario)
    2nd: Ultimate Razer(Snake)

    Hahahahahahaha <3.
    Hmm, what exactly does a pokemon researcher do?
    I read they "expand the knowledge pokedex"
    So, do they note all the AT's or something?
    I know all about EV and IV training. Comboing moves. Team Strategies. Pokemon rolls ( Like tanks or sweepers) I know about the natures and all that stuff. Sorry for not mentioning it. I live and breath the hand held games.
    That Santa Hat makes Infernape the hottest Pokemon ever! (sorry for the pun)
    Jesiah, you may have the most amazing style of sarcasm on the internet. I praise you for it.
    Yes, they have twice the chance of tripping of any character because there are two of them.
    can i join the rising star group thing? i did pretty well in a tourney in the chicago area last saturday, practice alot, main D3, and am a dedicated smasher
    errr could i join i got a good memory of pkmn[errr made my own pokemon game][the pokemon one of course]
    How do I become a Pokemon Researcher? I'm pretty knowledgable about Pokemon, especially the Uber metagame.
    Hey, whats with the Pokemon group? That sounds maddd cool. I sent you an application (i'm sure you have dozens) and was wondering what are the qualifications necessary to become a member? Thanks!
    lmao Yeah! You have no idea how long it took me to make that in Paint. Notice the grey details in the white. A work of pure art, if I say so myself.
    I changed my mind about vespiquen, I chose a mismagius with this:

    6 HP Evs/252 Sp.Att Evs/252 Spd Evs
    Shadow Ball
    Calm Mind

    Is this a good moveset?
    The Gallade was a modified version of ORly's that I helped build. The Bronzong set, the Moltres set, the Gardevoir set(that Mow DIDN'T edit in -_-) and such are all random sets I just sort of came up with. Granted the Moltres set is just a Re-worked version of Stalltres and the Stalling Breloom is just a combination of two sets so I can't really claim credit for either. The Scarf Breloom was one that just seemed strange to not already exist >_>
    Ummm, the best choices would probably be Articanus, Mow, me(>_> I never feel comfortable suggesting myself for groups) and possibly ORly and Zook. I wouldn't suggest anyone other than that unfortunately as very few have shown the knowledge to actively create new and usable pokemon sets(and even even less seem to have the skill to use them properly)
    I'd ban them from the next event. Seriously, they miss one big tournament, everyone else gets to have a tournament with a chance to win, Mew2King never splits again.
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