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  • Conversation's easy once you get used to it. Just say what's on your mind, go with the topic...things like that. *shrugs*
    Glad to know people are speaking well of me haha. Thanks for the friendly gesture.
    You should give it a shot whenever you go to the city. As for myself, I have to find where I'm going to get extra tvs to accomadate 20ppl and where i'm going to fit them all. i live in a small apartment, but I have 4 tvs, maybe 5 ppl per station or something?
    Also, forgot to mention, just because I faced them doesn't mean that I won, except against Ryko's Marth.
    To compensate for me being unable to make it to play n trade, I'm hosting a smashfest at my place and inviting whomever I can get a hold of. Hopefully the turnout might be good.
    As long as its equipped with a gamestop I'm fine (gotta get Dissidia and Kh 358/2days). Well I have little to no experience against the characters you listed, so it'll be a blast. Though NYC home some of the known players but I haven't faced many of them. In fact I faced Shinbowser, Ryko, Glick and Bum, but I met Skip2maloo (Played him once on my first round of Brawl +), D1, Ninja Link, Zro, Blackanese and other players.

    As far as favorite bleach characters go, mine is Ashido (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YoNnHNK1TCM)
    I consider myself a Mid-Casual player. Like I play for fun mostly, but I also aim to win from time to time. And thank you, but the only reason why my Ike looks good in the video is because I'm familiar with the match-up since I face this person on a weekly basis so I've grown accustomed to thier playstlyle. SO throw me into the fray against someone else I might get wrecked lol. As of yet, I've been neglecting my Ike and working on my Pit. And since you know your way around with the bus system, what buses would I need to take to the closest mall from buffalo state college x_x

    One more thing, is that Nel in your avi?
    The more reason to seek out comrades, am I right? For the most part, I'm coming along with another friend who plays a pretty good Kirby and Mario. I myself main Pit and side with Ike, and picking up Marth as my tertiary
    Thank you for accepting it. I'm attending Buffalo State college this august so I wanted to get aquainted with the brawlers of the region.
    My avatar? lol. It is KOS-MOS, from the Xenosaga RPG series. This is just a kiddie anime picture of her.
    Sorry I don't mean to take forever to get on MSN. Sorry I've been like doing other things. -Smacks face.- I'm going to add you now, and No not that kind of video save. I can save it on the game system brawl, and watch it later. Or show it to friends by some how using a Wii number. Instead of the SSBB Friend code for brawl Online. I hope that isn't to confusing what I said. ^^;
    I agree. I changed my icon! : D Do you like it Peach? x3 And also I just battled with another Marth. XDD It was to epic. I saved only one of them, but it was really awesome. x3 Hopefully when you get on. Will have to brawl for fun too. When you brawl for fun instead of competition. It makes life feel a little easy. ^-^ At least that's what I believe.
    Gahhhh. Melee! level 9 Computers aren't to bad to fight with. Brawl they are a little tough. They have a little more of a grabbing thin. They grab you right when you want to fight. XD I don't mind that. It's just a lot more tougher, and yeah I was sneezing a lot this morning, but I'm feeling better now. ( I'm about to change my icon here. Makes me to serious. )
    It's okay. XD AIM is random anyways. I'll be sure to respond to your message. And omg... I've been sneezing here lately. XDD
    Lol sure. We can talk on MSN. I often get on AIM, and I randomly try to avoid MSN. >_> Cause of my past relationship. ^_^; Sounds silly I know. ><;
    XD Awww I'm just being myself. XD I'm a random person, but you know what It's good to at least know that you feel comfortable with someone who feels the same way as you. At least that's what I think. I hope I'm making sense here. ><;;;

    But don't give up the way you are! Your awesome! : D I think you'll get more friends being really helpful to people like me also. Who are new. x3
    It's only because your a kind person! : D We don't feel like were outcasts. You make us feel comfortable around the thread. XD Which I got comfortable that fast. ><;; Hopefully all goes well! x3 My first time reaching out to friends like this. ^_^
    i main sonic 2. It's funny cause I use to main Marth. -sigh- Brawl is so slow compared to melee.

    I heard about Brawl+... But I doubt i'll check it out if it's nothing more than a bunch of modding.
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