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  • It places a metal node down on the two connectors, so you need to bypass this somehow. Or split it, but again... difficult.
    Again, the electronics are easy, once you get the values down. The hard part is the physical mechanics.
    As for the sizes, this will take some experimentation. Again, it's been ten years :) A 1000uF capacitor should charge in 1ms.
    The capacitor chops off the current after a couple microseconds, and the resistor allows it to dissipate once the button is released.
    As best I can recall from TEN years ago, all I did was take a resistor and capacitor and place them in parallel over the button connection.
    I swear, I've done many things in the Smash community. Invented crew battles, even. But the short-hop mod is by FAR the most infamous :)
    I'm sorry to ask the "short hop question" but would you mind showing some schematics? So I can get a better idea of how this could be accomplished, again I am sorry for the trouble but I wanted a winter project that could be interesting to do.
    Oops, just visited your profile and saw that haha. The team name was ZhaoSquared actually, it was great times. Some of the vids on your channel were just pure gold :p
    Was that the team name? That was amazing. We so rocked that tournament.

    You make me want to dust off my copy of Brawl.
    Yeah, I've been starting to realize that.... and my Wii doesn't really like Brawl anymore, lol, keeps spitting the disc out, so it kinda forced me into playing Melee. But hey! I am going to be hosting a Melee circuit event soon so you should definitely come if you can (date TBA).
    Haha, I just got done playing Melee with Tim. Such a good game! Far superior to Brawl in every way...
    So, I think I've been getting sick. This Melee game has really taken me over, is that a bad thing?
    About the metaban poll. Do you still feel like he should be banned? In the straw poll you voted yes. The pro-ban vote count is lookin rather weak so i was wondering if you wanna maybe vote again for the proban?

    The short hop mod? Haha, that takes me back :) Place a resistor and capacitor in parallel across the contacts for the jump button. I can't remember which values you need, but just get a 1 microfarad capacitor and a few different types of resistors, like a 1 megaohm, 10 megaohm, etc... they're like 10 cents at Radio Shack.

    As for physically mounting this setup inside a controller... good luck with that. I never found a good way to do it :) Hence the reason why the short hop mod never came into existence.
    GAH! I missed you again! I got there around 10:30 hoping you would be there. I had to go to mass with my aunt this morning, because I usually do when she comes to town. Oh, well, Christmas and the tournament are coming up so I'll be able to see you then!
    Haha, been there, done that. I appreciate the invite, but I'm sadly packed out since I won't be staying long. I'm staying a long time for Christmas, though, to make up for it!
    Cool, you wanna come hang out Friday morning for Black Friday? A few of us are probably going to be pitching a tent in front of Circuit City or Best Buy. It would probably actually be about 9 or 10 PM Thursday and hang out all night.
    Well, you aren't in the best of places to find out, aren't ya! You would have no trouble if you didn't move! ^_^ You should come back for one sometime though.
    Yeah, you weren't at church, huh. Things are going great! I'm not having much luck finding a venue for a tournament up here though.
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