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  • Why didn't you ever tell me you lived in inkster, I'm right next to you :p.
    Good stuff, I've always been playing more basketball. I watched MOST of it, Dwight Howard nailing a big three xD. I stopped watching after LeBron got three drunks in a row, then I came back and saw Carmelo miss the winning shot. It was so tight haha
    Good stuff mang, welcome back! I think I saw some of those vids btw, **** stuff as usual. Yeah, I had a sort of 5 month break between my tourny in August and my last tournament on January 30th. I won that one, but it was pretty small haha, nothing special. Our scene's hit a bit of a bump :/
    What!> XD You owned Viper 5 bucks! XD I wanna challenge your Luigi again someday buddy :) If you don't mind? ^_^
    True. do you have AIM/MSN? It'd probably be much better than me ****** your profile page <_<
    Now that is tiiiight

    We need to start punishing with those more, air shoryukens could be the most deadly thing anyone would use to punish an airdodge. Problem is getting the timing down, not freaking out and reading DI.
    do you know how to beat lucas? Tyr is giving me trouble, and I want to beat him.
    Yea get on around 4 or so... I'm usually on all day though so when I see you I'll talk to you. Serious Luigi discussion/testing.
    It's "Plasma Puffball". Sorry, I was kinda late too, something unexpected came up. As soon as you add me, stay online, I'll probably still be online.l
    Epic!! I'm so glad you realize the importance of character colors, its overlooked by many and the reason why some people suck XD. So yea pick pink its the color of men. I cant be wrong I'm TheMann right? As for training in Hong Kong, Guess I'll go there this weekend its a short drive lol.

    On a serious note when u coming back, We never got to team like we were supposed to at Apex :(
    themann, i'm not a new luigi user. i do however need advise on what color to use. I know colors are very important as both a mindgame and controlling the flow of battle. If you can, please come to hong kong and train with me.
    Hey buddy, my Luigi have been improving a little bit. :) And I really hope to challenge you sometimes soon. :) Go Weegee!
    ****it was Anther and NoJ there? And sorry about not coming woman lol I couldn't make it because of my ride!!!! I was pissed!
    Gotcha. It seems slick, but I'm having trouble implementing it to my game. We'll need to hit up Vist/Biglou on how to use it XD
    Well to uh, take you up on your offer, do you use crawldashing at all? Vist has some sick mindgames with it, like crawldash, turnout, f-smash for a KO. But since you're another tourney luigi, do you use it at all? o-o
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