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  • Like lulz. For some reason I've noticed Canadians use MSN highly more then AIM. Unbelieveable. lol.
    Rofl. I've been messing with Captain Falcon lately. HES FUN AS ****!. Even though he got gay nerfs he's still fun to run around with his sexy speed. I might decide to mess with him more to make me pick him up. But yes **** the competition hard. Btw have aim? or sn?
    hey. what are u doing tonight? everyone is meeting up at pauls (KID A ) hosue at 1285 hollis street. and it is saturday so u should GO. THERE IS NO EXCUSE :p hahaha jk.
    lol wifi. the worst that can happen with wifi is that, it has wifi traffic due to newbies getting brawl's for xmas. And wifi's is a real ***** on wifi traffic cuz nintedo is a ***** >_>!!
    Thanks man ^_^ I'll have tons of vids (with commentary) from the tourney, so I'll have all kinds of good stuff to post on the Luigi boards.
    Yeah GGs. And darn man don't quit D: Your actually the best player on my roster to me at least D: And **** sorry for the ****ty nub mistakes espically in the beginning I couldn't tolerate the inputlag (lol obviously you can see my phail dancing blades) but it got better in the end.

    And lulz for all the close matchs with luigi vs mario. Those matchs really proves my theory of them being a balanced matchup <3.
    Yeah it does suck that I can't come but I'll be the next next tourney after my exams.

    You know, I bet you could have made it to the top 3, if not 1st, in Hellasmash II if you haven't left too early.
    haha that would be great. its gonna be tough planning something for dec. but i'll try. do u have facebook? u should ad.
    i hear ya. i got kocked out the top two because of the stage.....well no johns :p. i would play ya online, but its to laggy for me.
    ahah, those vids are OLD son xD

    I really wish we had a pre X-mas one just because if I played well enough, I might have made some money to buy gifts for meh fam ;D

    Cant wait to play ya!
    I hope so, but halismash folk dont agree on having one around christman, but we might be able to all got together and do some friendlies. i just watched some of the youtube vids you had, and now i HAVE to play you. i never played a good luigi,
    HEY!! u left when i was supposed to play you at the Halismash comp :p. you owe me one. i would play online. but its laggy as balls
    hey, im not quite as good at using a forum as i am at brawl so would you mind helping me just get started?
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