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  • Love watching you use Luigi, I'm strongly considering him for my secondary .

    I'm sure you've been asked this before, but I was wondering if there's a reason you don't use an alias like most other Smash players? (I'm trying to come up with my own now, and it does make sense to use your real name.)
    Hey J, thanks to your win over Cyve's Sheik I've been in the lab with Luigi. Thanks for opening me up to a new character.
    cheers on your success man! good stuff :)
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    Congratulations from me too Miller...
    Just watched the replays. Very nice job!
    Thank God I didn't watch them live, I would have gone insane for sure :p
    Anyway, keep going like this and good luck at Apex!
    I'm "obeymall..." from For Glory. I want to play some real matches with you; I am not a noob, bad player, and only played as Little Mac because everyone online is bad, and his attacks are strong. Also, there was some lag, so it was hard to land some attacks, and was forced to dodge roll a lot.
    Anyways, I saw that your profile said you were on Smashboards, so I thought that I might as well hook up with you.
    in the off-chance you check this message while at Apex, i'm in room 371 if you wanna luigi ditto it up!
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