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  • alright seems easy enough, sorry for being last minute but ill let you know if I'm in tomorrow. And i can't unlock anything because my brawl cd has been leant out for the past year...lol i guess the wii won't be that much use then.
    1. pool captains (reporting,handing in pool sheets, if possible watch matches to make sure noone is cheating but obviously i understand you all wont have that much free time so Gi and I will be in charge of that for the most part)
    2. inform players of what the rules are(were using the apex ruleset but without in game coach and hacks are legal unless one of the people in the set wish to have it off) and make sure they are being used
    3.pool seeding,helping tallying the sheets of the pool you are responsible for (if possible)
    4.report anyone breaking behaviour conduct
    5.you have the authority to DQ players if they are late,so keep that in mind
    6.make sure tournament matches are going on, on as many tvs possible, you have the authority to kick players off tv stations

    and try and unlock as much as possible til saturday haha!
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