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  • When you go to your post you go to edit it when you go to edit it then you see all the text just select all and send it to me thats all.
    Hey dude if you can pm me the exact post...as in all the html code and so on so I can just copy and paste it onto the first post that'll be much appreciated it. I loved the way you made your post so I might as well just keep it intact and have it in the first post w/ credit to you for contributing!
    i'll friend you mah dew ! i'm gonna try atm i need a job xD if you can hook me up with a job lemme know <3
    hey man we can prob play at my houe on wednesday or thursday or maybe even both idk but def one of those days. i need practice bad...
    yea man sure im guessing you read that in the thread on how to get better. its does work i trying it and i started 3 stocking people. Its was so crazy lol for the 1st time i actually think im gettin better lol. But sure we can record i just hope not everyone gets so serious like wobbles lol. Ummmmmm but yea the way i get better now is by trying crap thats way out of my league like 5 knees in a row and by laughing it up screaming im going to knee you and it works so recording tuesday it is.
    yea idk id greg is gonna be at his house tuesday but yea i'll be ready just trying to get faster with falco and marth low tier guy mew2 so yea im ready hopefully
    nice dude i am going to start bowser not as a main but as a low tier guy. that way i don't get **** on for being high tier all the time lol
    Dude im thinkin of picking up ganondorf next to my mew2??? Maybe next time we play i'll show you him. I played with him for the 1st time yesterday and i did ok against ben so yea ttyl
    that sucks hard i wont text u then. but yea im still practicing since the tournament is so close. we should do a friendly crew battle or a friendly doubles tourney
    i am gonna pretend i never saw that or heard that song. thanks 4 the names and when is the next time you guys are playing????
    dude can u do me a favor.
    Type everyones real name next to their smash name cuz im confused
    it really isnt any different than fox's upthrow-upair but then again, fox is already god tier
    nope that down throw cannot be denied but its harder for you to land depending on the di that is true. after a certain percent it cant be stopped. he should really be god tier for that combo lol.
    ive been practicing those combos all my life lol. Right now im just working on teleporting and continuous movement which is alot harder than it sounds and double jump cancels(DJCs ) hope your doc is ready to give prescriptions. that down throw to fair is inescapeable for the whole cast except for samus. i guess i cant get grabbed to survive
    well im mewtwo so im sorta have psi. Im working on teleporting accuracy and by the end of this weekend its gonna be crazy. i was thinkin of picking up falco but now im like naw mew2 all the way
    you are definitely not the worst lol. everyone is basically even in our crew but i think that greg/bman is secretly better than all of us. and remember you use mewtwo, so you have to try that much harder to win which makes you good
    Dude u r like a beast in smash.....Great games.......Team purple rules lol. cant wait till next time we can do this. i think im the worse outta every1 though :(.....but still gud stuff man
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