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  • Yea I'm going tourney crazy I was at 1 last week and I'm goin to one this week.....I'm in AE now ironic ain't it....I'm actually trainin matt lol I've been 3 stocking his fox and ic with my falcon and fox....my sheik that I don't play at all can go even with his fox...its funny how I've past him when only a year ago he would had wrecked me lol gotta play soon no doubt
    i'm deff down brah we gotta rep i heard theres mad melee tournaments up there i'm definitally gonna plan to head down there soon yo heres my number txt me i'll tell you when i come down 347 - 653 - 8900 :DD
    Sup brosiden :D!

    we gotta definitally chill soon that was mad fun! even tho i didnt sleep yet XD you going to pound 4?
    hey whats up dude have i met you? XD i've been out of the scene for a while making my way back so i dont remember if i have
    dude u will get good again and this tourney should do it for u.......but i played today with bino i still got sum of my skillz but i need to get better
    YEa that would be sexy...i havent played for bout a week i need practice to....i suck rite now lol
    Dude sheik is auto goodness. Grab Grab any tilt then any aerial auto ledge cancel another aerial theres goes a stock lol........but yea i want to get beastly im goin to these 2 tournies next weekend......Matt found this other kid who plays captain...he is good
    Dude i hpe ur practicing im going to be playin with a few beastly ppl today hopefully....im just tryna get the skills to be seated high in tourney pools lol
    dude not to be the bearer of bad news but that was my worst fox play ever my fox is so much more cleaner than that. i was playing my worst in months that day. Hopefully i can record tomorrow and i'll show u where im at. Thanksgiving break me rich and justsexed are going to RoM2 you should come
    Melee Singles
    1. JMan (Fox)
    2. Mango (Falco)
    3. th0rn (Falco)
    4. ZoSo (Marth/Fox)
    5. Banks (Sheik)
    5. GMoney (Falco/Marth)
    7. Roman (Fox)

    East coast ftw finally

    this was from the Mass Madness tournament if you are curious
    dude you have to feel better i finally got all the cords for dazzle and i have the program so u must make it. Just pillar your illness away
    Dude that article works i was playing today with the kids from that tourney and stuff we were sorta even until i stopped tryin to show off and win only when i started NOT CARING stuff just started clicking. I was doing combos i never saw myself being able to do. All i was doing was saying im going to knee you to death and thats it so i could embarrass them and it worked. I saw every opening and every flaw. I was capitalizing on EVERYTHING i never played so fluid like before it was creepy. I knew what they were going to do and i knew when to intercept them. If i can just work off of that and learn howw to focus on my opponent and his surroundings i might be on my way after all
    lol yeah lets hope we dont get that serious. I remember though at gaming for hope i beat some guys toon link and he got so mad that he threw his controller and everyone was just like uhhh what? and then this guy Shack was like yeah dude you are real good with that pika.

    oh brawl...
    ok i look forward to the challenge it only makes me stronger getting beat down helps me to get back up stronger lol
    yea i want people to youtube us it would be nice lol 1 day just keep at it man we will get there lol. of i see your falco is faster than your marth but marths sword of truth and destiny is just 2 long lol. its all up to you think think your great with both so have fun with it im going to keep at my capt. i need to reach silent spectre and darkrain and scar
    lmao well you cant be the only one trying to get at AE skill level thats still my goal your goodness just pushes me toward that goal harder. With me trying to surpass you and you trying to keep being better than me we both get good enough to stand a chance against AE
    1st off lmao at rykards omment the truth is hard not to laugh at. Good matches 2day i have to find away around marth his reach can reach my soul is CRAZY well give me 1 more month just 1 lol. Good stuff ur still a lil bit better than me but im at ya heel now lol
    yea i still play falco and marth a lil bit but im really concentrate on my falcon. he should be ready for all sorts of opponents by next week hopefully nairs are hard to land
    WOW that is too true though fsmash ftw lol until g&w comes with his flag of destiny. Dude all im doing now is l-canceling and wavelanding EVERYTHING it makes me look faster. My movements look so confusing i lose myself sometimes hahahahah cant wait to show him off. idk if i even want to play anyone else now he is so much fun.
    you wait till i have my controller and we are definitely gonna have our rematch lol. good matches even though you won 90% of them lol. by tuesday i should be good enough to be a better challenge
    my falcon is getting better by the day so how r we going to play smash next week?
    yea i no the flag is so god tier fastfallers beware. Yea tomorrow all im praticing is moving fast l cancel and n-airs to up- air to knee. but yea idk where this falcon came from but it works lol
    ok kool kool captain falcons N-air is hard as hell to combo with but i've seen it be real useful before. Oh well i guess next we meet i might have a few new tricks for you guys. Got to figure out how to deal with G&W before his aerials are faster than mine lol. Guarantee my falcon will be up there with the rest of you guys by the end of the month lol
    IDK about my marth he can be good with proper spacing but he is one of my slower characters and i think it messes with my finger speed. Right now im working on shffl combos for falcon and lcancels. How do u moonwalk?????????? But yea falcon all the way but my falco is not forgotten at all still gonna beat yours one day
    Yea man as usual u were beast but 1 day i shall catch up thinkin of going falcon as my main, secondary falco and thats it dont want to no 2 many characters not my style lol. But yea good matches i'll beat u 1 day. I need to learn how to take down the last stock
    ok i think my ness can take fox/falco now and i figured out a better way to edgeguard them so we will see. i still dont understand why i play better with low tier
    Yea man i want to play u with warm hands now it would be such fun. yea i've been doing wat u said and practicing on lvl 1 foxes. i can waveshime pretty far and now im tryin to get lazers in my combos. tuesday will be so good if i find a way to keep my hands from frezzing ova
    dude my falco is so much more fluid like now as long as my hands stay warm lol but yea waveshining is quite simple now at least in my combos lol. Dont no about shields yet tho. But yea i found out i dont like falcon so im going mew2 falco marth ftw well marth falco ftw and mew for the lmfao
    maybe i can do it contently now i just needed to slow down lol oddly enough. hopefully we'll see soon lol. idk if i should pick up falcon
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