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Recent content by Rykard

  1. Rykard

    [Oct 18, 2014] Race for Second Place 3 (Rosendale, New York)

    I may be in attendance depending how late this is anticipated to end
  2. Rykard

    20XX Melee at Tournaments

    Hey everyone! So I recently attended Justice 4 this weekend and had an absolute blast, but throughout the tournament, I was noticing that a lot of the Wiis were running the 20XX copy of Melee. Now while this technically shouldn't affect the gameplay directly as the hack is designed for training...
  3. Rykard

    Dolphin Online - Melee Netplay

    I just bought mine and it does work. The only issue is that there is a bit of input latency and I'm not sure if there is anyway to change that. It is interesting though because when i would try with a keyboard, my inputs happened automatically. I'm not sure why there is a difference in this...
  4. Rykard

    [May 11, 2014] Smash Mode Sundays (Queens, NY)

    looking forward to this tomorrow
  5. Rykard

    Atlantic North [Apr 27, 2014] Super Smash Sundays East Coast # 3! $100 Melee Pot Bonus! (Red Bank, New Jersey)

    actually, I just realized this is sunday since I'm stupid and can't read so this may hinder my ability to possibly attend this
  6. Rykard

    [Apr 26, 2014] BattleGrounds Melee XVI (Shirley)

    Seems fun! I haven't been to a tournament in months so I may make it out to this
  7. Rykard

    Smash WiiU & 3DS Miiverse Daily Pic - January 31st

    To be completely honest, I'm surprised they didn't reveal Rotom-W instead considering it is on every single Pokemon team in existence.
  8. Rykard

    WE LIVIN' BIWEEKLIES: A New Jersey Melee... - November 2nd, 2013 - Bergenfield, New Jersey

    Turns out I will not be able to come : ( also, WoZ, what is your signature from? lol
  9. Rykard

    Official NY/NJ/PA Melee Power Rankings! UPDATED 6/4/14

    what? This is the most surprising news of the day. I guess I have to prove that I've earned this even though I really don't see how
  10. Rykard


    So before I do shoutouts, I would just like to say thank you to the TO's for taking the time to figure out a way to get Invisi, Visi, Steve, and me into bracket despite somehow not registering the four of us for the tournament. Even though I was sort of freaking out about things since i drove...
  11. Rykard

    No Johns 8/3/13 Results

    I wasn't aware he does. We play at least once a week together since he lives about half an hour away. Used to be 15 minutes lol
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