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  • I want to confirm that I AM going tommorow. I'll leave you my number just in case you need to text me [I have unlimited text] or anything because at times I am not using the computer. 407-301-4542 Feel free to call after 7:00 pm if you really need to.

    I'm hyped. I don't know if I should bring games or not, but I will be anyways. Might bring some starfox assault as well. Kurts coming too.
    Hey. Ok, now here I am on the Septa site, but I see no R4. I see an R5 that goes to Exton, but see r1-r8 but no r4.

    Is it the R5 I should be taking? I just want to be sure.
    whats up erik this is kurt

    what days would be good for you smash wise? lol. im 15 and still in highschool so my schedul isnt that flexible, but im usually able to stay out late on school nights.

    my phone number is 267-595-5231 so u can txt me whenever.
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