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  • Hey Llama, It's Manic, from C3. Years ago, I know.

    Anyway, if you're playing Melee now, send me a message if you need a partner for doubles or if you need a ride for a tournament.
    That's interesting...I see brawl as a much more competitive game. Well good luck learning melee! hope to see you at a brawl tourney soon...with your llama! I have a metaknight doll now.
    Aw man, sorry about that Llama... I didn't see your message. I couldn't though I had friends over at the time. Don't worry we'll Brawl soon again!:bee:
    Sorry that I kept you waiting.=/
    I had to go run to do something.
    I had fun games though! :bee:
    Alright sure. I'll go online now. I might leave for a while soon. I gotta pick something up for my mom. See you on!
    I think I have some time. :)

    I'm going on now.

    I might leave unexpectedly so keep that in mind!
    I'm not sure if I can. I have to pick up my brother from school in 10 minutes and then I think I am accompanying my sister to the mall... I'll see if I can find some time after I pick up my brother from school.
    I was going to go to one here in NY but something came up. :urg: I've been looking all over the place for some but I haven't been able to find another one I can go to. Hopefully soon, though. I won't be here during the summer. I'm going away on vacation. :)

    I'll be gone for a good month and a few weeks. I hope I won't be rusty by then.
    Awesome matches!! i had fun. If anything I would say try not to flinch a lot. What I mean, by that is. I ran and spot dodged lots of time and I got a hit on you. I like that hold a grenade to grab you do but I saw it coming lots of time and I ran and spot dodged to avoid it. I'd say try to sometimes maybe roll away than attempting to grab all the time. You're pretty great though! You should try the online tournaments once in a while!:bee:
    Llama you're getting sooo much better!:bee: Yeah, I was like "wut?" when that happend. XD

    I'm trying to change my playstyle. It turns out I gotta stop rolling so much. Awesome matches! Twas really fun. ^_^
    Those were some amazing matches MKBY. That was so much fun. I loled hard when I died off the top on Rainbow Cruise.
    Oh dude so sorry, I didn't see your message. After I finished Brawling I went to eat and I didn't log in to SWF. I wont be free after now cause Father's Day and my fam's doing something.
    Heheh, yeah, you seemed better. I'm just starting to learn Ice Climbers. Kirby and Falcon was me. Peach and Snake was my friend. This was his first time playing on Wi-Fi. :laugh: He lag johned. Also, he chat with me during the matches and I can't hold a conversation and keep track of the C4 at the same time very well. Good matches indeed. :bee:
    Hey I just saw your message. Still wanna go? I got a buddy over who you could spar with with. :bee: See you online.
    thanks dude! yeah, summer = more tournies all around.

    candy did go snake. he lost to takeover and korn. candy used to have random off-days before he dominated MD/VA, looks like they're back again. i'm confident he'll shake it off though.
    I struggled against your Falcon mightily. I don't know the matchup. I did better against your Kirby because I know the matchup. I actually think your Kirby is better than your Falcon though.
    Yeah I already know... Chu made it official last week Saturday. He left a retirement post in the East Coast threads...
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