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  • So I get back today to find a bunch of junk being posted in the thread during my absence


    Anyways, I'll get to the Yoshi thing in a few hours or probably tomorrow afternoon. Busy, busy, busy.
    I'll get back to you on the Yoshi bit, but probably later

    Just to let ya know.
    and more like a maul K.O.
    as you said, the Fire won't kill them
    but Third Degree burns leave them helpless
    they'll just get mauled and eaten for dinner....for half of the matches...
    the other half is trying to fry early, missing, and getting cut up...

    ^that and it's all dependent on whether they Zard or Bowser gets fire in the first place. I wouldn't see why not, both have been canonically depicted to be able to breath fire, and it's evolutionarily plausible for a development of a false palette....

    the only opposing argument is that it's not seen, but that's disputable.
    One can't see the gland a Texas Horned Toad uses to spit blood, but it still spits blood....
    Zelda had a sheath and quiver even though she wasn't shown with one for her use of a sword and bow...
    The same could be applied here....hmmm....so many thoughts :O
    True, but if Marth or Ganon attacks first what then?
    They won't have catlike reflexes to just instantly change direction if they're going in for a kill stroke...

    I could understand if Zard or Bowser was going on the offensive with the fire, but on the defensive end, it's hard to miss...

    With the above statement though, is where I reach my stand still, obviously I can't assume that Zard and Bowser will ALWAYS be on defense or always on offense...technically I could pull probability and call 50/50 but Iunno....
    I doubt I'll actually post this in the thread though :p
    Exactly, they will stop drop and roll...to get the fire off,
    or be flamed to death...
    either way they're still suffering a burn...
    Neither Marth, nor Ganondorf(except for on Ganon's breastplate) is there defense against fire,
    they may not die from the fire
    but if you read you would've noticed that the burns leave them completely helpless.

    people die from their burns and trauma more than they do from the exposure to the flame itself anyway.
    Fire fighters wear specially heat retardant suits as well, and neither Marth or Ganondorf is a firefighter...

    Flame Exposure= inducing of Third Degree burns (for Zard and Bowser's case)

    Third Degree Burns= extreme mobility and power loss ( a sitting duck)

    a sitting duck= death
    Since it is too far back to actually bring up in the TDB
    I'll put the call out on the fire here....

    You don't have to be submerged in the fire for x amount of time to die, especially in the case Marth/Ganondorf is in...

    People have died from burns post exposure to fire(depending on the burn class)
    anyway a further point...
    Ganon/Marth may not die from the initial blast, but judging from the heat from those blasts, third degree burns are possible, a third degree burn over all the areas that are not protected on these people will pretty much leave them shrieking in pain upon moving, they lose mobility and power due to the intensity of the burns they endured such and yadda yadda.

    TL;DR- Although the initial blast may not kill them, the burns inflicted upon them will hamper them to a point where they are nigh sitting ducks...
    I agree, but u- and d-tilt can be punishable if you miss =/ While I know I probably should, I don't really like to fcous on certain combos, because alot of my friends on wifi do that, so I just go "Oh, well ZSS just down threw so know she'll uair x2 > fair > DownB spike me, so i'll just air dodge the first uair." Know what I mean?

    I use planking as a cushion to aggro, because it forces your opponent to approach if you''re disjointed(lack of a better word) enough in your planking, so then you can -insert aerial here- them.

    Not to mention FF off would be CG HELL
    I understand it, but still think it's gay. ^^

    Well if he's that soulless, then why do you team with him? :D

    I live in St.Pete, which is about two hours away. And I'll add your wii number :D
    I'm also pretty good with Upsmash because I practice it in the wifi waiting room, and while sandbag has a ginourmous hitbox if you do it alot then you really get a sense of the "ground" hitbox. And the only people in RL that I know that I can play smash offline with suck, and I can just juggle them with it xD

    After I played you later on in the day I was using ftilt alot more, and I was working on dtilt. I was playing a RL in New York(I live in Florida) alot on wifi later that night, but he mainly uses pikachu, so it was kinda hard to get utilts, but I'm workingon using them more, as well with bairing more for an edgeguard.

    Planking isn't that hard, you just need to know what's at your disposal. ROB can easily plank with laser and gyro for longer ranges, as well with fair and nair for closer ranges. I don't really prefer bair, I guess you cold use i, and while ignore uair, it works but it's harder to hit with.

    Being an aggro ROB isn't bad, I consider myself one too and people expect campy ROBs. I actually think our playstyles are very similar.

    I was playing with my snake last night and he's better then I give him credit for, if I run into D3 if I have to I can switch to marth or ness, I'd probabyl still lose though xD At least I'm not DK 0:-)

    FF is annoying, especially with ROB, because you get lasered alot. I prefer to just kinda separate to my own little 1v1 so I don't screw you up, and I also need to remember if you grab someone I can't attack them with a laser, because that's what i would do with FF off.

    I could tell WWJD was an idiot when he stole two of NUMIi's stocks then he promptly died xD Well, ROB's main method of kill is gimping, so we're on even ground. I was hit by surprise when i remembered Ike d-tilt is a spike, so now I know. NUMIi is alright, I'd say I'm better then him one-on-one, but IDK yet.

    I'm not gonna talk about the 1v1s.:mad088:
    They were.

    While I do agree that you should use Usmash more(especially when someone's on the platform on Yoshis/halberd/BF/etc.), i think I overuse it.I think I also need to ftilt,dtilt, and uair more; and also use bair for edgeguarding instead of fair and dair. Yayy learning.Back to Usmash, not to toot my own horn, but I think I'm pretty good at hitting people on the ground with it.

    I may plank better, but you have **** amazing aim >.>

    The teams were definitely fun, and I think I did better then I thought I would because I have never played with team attack on. IMO, its gay, as I don't really see how cons of team attack outweigh the pros of no team attack. The last one was good, but WWJD?(I think) kept gimping me more then a ROB should be gimped XD

    I did enjoy playing with you, but I kept getting gayed so bad by your luck I was just like GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR IHY I HOPE YOU DIE XD

    I really don't have a second right now. I guess I'd say snake; but in the last couple of months I've drifted between marth, jiggz(actually kinda similar to ROB), GaW, and ness. I really don't know though, I mainly play as ROB because I'm pretty bad with everyone else. XD

    And about the luck, I could john for an hour. xD It started when you killed me on yoshis with the (********) gyro bounce. But It kinda got made up when you got klap-trapped twice on JJ. XD
    i would, like, right now, but Nintendo is fixing my Wii right now. I should have it back in like a week and a half
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