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  • >_>
    you bowser supproters are full of **** omg.
    you just deny everything I say and move along like it's okay.
    Yeah. That's what we think happened, it showed the same error as mine.
    But, the wii also fell like 4ft to a hard floor with a disc in it, so the disc may have shattered inside because it won't eject.
    Can't now, my mom wants me to do history fair research >_>
    And my friend can't come one, I told you his wii broke. Discreader, just like mine,
    Haha, I edgeguarded you alot, and my falcon isn't that good XD And I was talking about the ratio vs MK for GaW. I"d enjoy working on snake and ness, and no, I haven't. It'd be fun to play HOLO; ROBs don't get edgeguarded that easily.
    I'm bad against yoshi as well, for the simple reason because your yoshi was the first yoshi I ever played that didn't suck ***. Though in that match, you had an INSANE tech when I UpB you with falcon on the ledge. That was sick. xD
    Zeldas traumatize me O_O THE FIREBALLS AHHHHHH
    I played NUMIi that one time and I like his ness; as you saw where I would UpB with another character when I'm going for the ledge to cover my *** and can't with ness, so I get edgeguarded easier. Snake I'm playing with often, not so much with GaW but I'm not clueless. GaW pretty close to even with MK I think, right?
    Your falcon is pretty **** >.> The bad thing about me is that while I do learn opponents attacks/strategies, that generally is on the third match >_>
    I think your snake is pretty good, Zelda would've been much easier if I realized dtilt combo lol, and I HATE wolf. no, really. I HATE wolf. xD SO you don't have to be that good with wolf to annoy me >_> Your pika is alright, you just need to approach other than grab/fail/bair.

    I don't realize my Ness in a sense, as I don't think he's good as he actually is. The only thing that prevents me from seconding him is I am SO bad at his recovery. Like, REALLY bad. xD Snake I feel like I can be better with, I just need to learn how to maximize grenades + C4. Like how you layed it on the platform on SV>threw me towards it >blew me up. That was sexy. Wolf = gay.
    GaW was someone I tried a while ago, as you can tell I'm not really that good xD And ZSS I just kinda did randomly, not really into her.

    A BIG thing I need to work on is shield grabbing. Holy **** I suck at that.
    Except at pikachu's SideB. xD
    Age of right xP????

    I date a 15 years old(i am 15 years old :D), but yeah, we have girls there are older than me if this is what you are asking xP!
    Thanks for making me an EHERO deck, it's not rly original (I play for fun not rly winning, more of a EHERO and Jaden fanboy) but I'll se it when I really need to win a tourney lol.
    Thanks again!
    I'mma go call him now; I think it's too late for him though
    Also, my comp is on a different floor than my Wii, so I"m just gonna go up now and I won't be able to respond to anything you say. xD I'll be hosting if he comes

    So I'll be on.
    all right. I just hope my slow-*** comp doesn't make the downloading process for the PSAs longer than it already has >_>
    At worst I'll just be able to get on with you
    And right now, I'm testing a PSA character for a friend; after that, we should go on wifi. I'll call up my only RL friends who is good at brawl,>_>, and I'll see if he can get on. He's purty good with pikachu.
    No, you took me wrong. I played gay. xD The Ike in that video said I was playing gay.
    But in 3 player FFAs. someones got to not be actively fighting.
    Why not the camping beast? :D
    Fair enough. XD I'd like to play all of your friends, just maybe not all at one time because my roster is almost full XD I know a lot of people have probably deleted me but i'd like to make sure :D

    And may last stock WAS good, I got lucky as BALLS in that brawl. Normally, both of those people beat me so bad it's humiliating. XD I got really lucky during that, because the Ike in that vid said I played so gay, basically waiting on the side a lot xD That was a good match though, especially after 4:05 xD
    Alright. I don't have as many ROB ones as the 400 or so replays on my SD card would have you think; a lot of them are FFA falcon wifi match ups. So much testosterone. This combined with the fact I play 5 stock matches more often than 3 three, so I don't have many, but I'll send you what I got. TBH my Ness is good, but I'm not a skilled Ness player; I know how to use the character, but I can be kinda gay. xD I haven't played with Marth in a while, my Snake is pretty goo right now. Mortar slides :D
    Haha no prob. As I said I don't really put skill into secondaries, I'd like to pick upi Wario but I don't try, as I said I can be good with Snake/Marth/Ness but not as good ROB.
    2. Exercise = Toned Muscle. Exercise is where toned muscle comes from, these kinds of terrain at the mountain base are bound to have small cliffs, and hills the ICs will needs to scale.

    4. She can't and she hasn't.

    7. Something she is will by choice not perceive as a possibility, because she will try to BS her way out of it.
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