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  • I'm waiting for that Elpanadera guy to comment on wielding heavy swords with one hand is possible and the fact the BK uses one hand is pointless.
    I can totally calculate how much force would be behind BK's swings giving an example of how much weight he would strain on one arm to swing, I just need the swing angle and how fast the swing is... (IDK make something up? but make it reasonable)
    Talk to Windwaker about getting into the new back room; we made a new one since HOLOpaW never came back. it should come up as an notification.
    Well, Yoshi is ALSO a dragon...wings eliminate the mobility and if the false palette thing is disproven, he can breathe fire as well. Mini earthquakes FTW as well. I doubt JOE! will give Yoshi bombs though.
    Out of curiosity, you think the Yoshi v. Luigi MU could be changed if debated? I had a few ideas but they may seem far fetched. And Beren didn't say he had help woth the WoT or the ICs in general...sheesh...
    Oh. Glad you had a good time then.

    I attempted to Square-cube the Pikmin to death since we scaled them up a second time to 2.5-3 feet tall in ICs vs Olimar.
    Nice xP!!!! Sad story is that here in brazil haloween isnt very celebrated, just as carnaval is in USA :p. So here we dont have trick or treating and stuff like that. Max is a costume party or 2 with *insert crossing code that i cant insert here*naked*finish it here* almost naked girls. And its awesome :p. I might go to one too xP!
    Tell me he truth, you were missing me in this debate =/.

    You going to go trick or treating :D?
    how many times have we been over this stuff in the TDB?
    JOE is just going to make this last longer once he sees it.
    Nah, she has weapons in Super Mario RPG. But remember it's not quite a flail, it's a flail with less force because it's lighter, but is more precise and maneuverable, and I think we can assume he's quite good with it.
    I actually think it's looking like the bombs are relatively ineffective.

    My hunch is that Ness' bombs are gonna leave him in the AOW and Peach's bombs just aren't effective enough to reliably kill.
    Please, talk about the yo-yo, you've basically got a flail there and you're not even bringing it up.
    I know, its funny my opponent seems to omit facts just to make his argument valid. Look at how he tried using Zinc Oxide to put in Pikachu's blood as an insulator from recoil shock damage, that fails because it is a semiconductor, then there is the fact that Sodium Chloride would have a protonic effect on the charge, which is why the electric eel is never seen in salt water areas.

    Pikachu cannot use electricity period due to those two factors. The Zinc Oxide acts as a conductor at Pikachu's body temp, and the Soduim Chloride messes with the charge, causing it to short circuit.

    Since when were there arguments between neutral parties and the dark side...?:p
    Good to see you're still maining Ike. :p
    That's good, we have to brawl sometime!
    I still use Toon Link along with a plethora of other people, namely random
    I haven't participated in any tournaments lately. Good luck in yours. ;]
    I haven't seen you since your connection started sucking, how's it now?
    Who do you main lately? :p
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