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  • I'm still on that whole throwing issue, she's never really thrown anything in her life until she's got older, do you think she'd be able to properly throw it?
    a weapon is near useless if you don't know what to do with it.
    Lol no tks I don't think my mom would want me getting mail from strangers lol.
    But no I don't think you did. Iunno too lazy to look back. Thanks!
    Hey Nova can you make me an good EHERO deck list plz?
    I'm getting into YuGiOh alot lately.
    REL is never going to give up.
    and since JOE is on REL's side it's never going to end.
    PM Queen Killjoy about changing your name, the name you want to change to can't be on the members list though.
    1. Yoshi can't crawl.

    Look at his physique.
    He doesn't have the natural build to properly "crawl". He crawls in Brawl, but it looks completely unnatural and unorthodox.

    It turns from immobility to poor attempt at crawling.
    His arms are too frail looking to give him enough pull and his legs would barely allow for much push. It turns more into an attempt to push himself foward rather than walk on all fours.

    All fours doesn't work.
    Take a T-Rex, beef his arms a tad bit, severely shorten his legs, shorten the tail, enlarge the head.
    You got Yoshi.

    His arms wouldn't even be enough to properly support the weight of his entire head.
    Crawling is useless. Especially in a fight or flight situation. He's literally moving like a slug or not at all.

    2. He can't tackle

    He can't run due to pathetic legs.
    He can't walk due to pathetic legs.
    He can't stand due to pathetic legs.
    He can't crawl due to unabiding build.
    He lacks mobility.

    A tackle is nigh impossible.

    3. He can't tail whip. His tail is far too short to do any damage.
    He'd have to spin his entire body to get a decent hit off, but as said before, he significantly lacks the ability to move.

    4. Yoshi's bite could potentially have some affect, but it is extremely easy to avoid and get out of.

    a. Yoshi can barely lift his head from the ground. Luigi simply walks around him.

    b. If ,for some ill forsaken reason, Luigi stands directly in front of Yoshi and he manages a bite, Yoshi has the largest set of eyes that are begging to be mutilated.

    It's more of a lose chance for Yoshi to bite as Luigi makes mincemeat of Yoshi's eyes via the vacuum (nozzle end). Yoshi ends up blind while Luigi ends up with a few minor cuts. Omnivore or Herbivore. It won't do that much. Especially since his arm or leg would be the only viable "bite choice" Yoshi has.

    5. Yoshi is too topsy turvey to actually stand.

    Too much of his weight is situated in his front body/neck area.
    Just standing would be a fight to keep proper balance from tipping over.
    Even on his belly, it is too much weight to keep his head up. Perhaps for a couple of moments, but not long at all.

    6. Luigi has (going souly by what was mentioned) a vacuum and his own brute strength.

    Don't understimate Luigi. He's still a human that's in his mid/late-20's.
    Accompanied by a makeshift weapon.
    He can use the nozzle end as a stabbing weapon or use the bulk/storage unit as a blunt force weapon.

    a. Repeated stabs at Yoshi's eyes, back of neck, hide.

    b. Use the unit as a blunt force to the back of Yoshi's head. Repeat if not successful with first blow.

    7. It is not like the Galleom VS Petey MU

    Petey had no method of movement.
    Galleom had no method of movement, but he had rockets.

    Yoshi has no method of movement, but has a bite that's easily countered.
    Luigi can freely move about and has a makeshift weapon to damage Yoshi.

    8. Yoshi can't turn in any significant manner.

    He can only shift his body weight to turn, but it won't be fast or effective against an opponent that can walk around him.

    9. ~Desu
    Oh yeah, don't mind me.
    Just making a brief explanition about why Yoshi fails almost a week after I shoulda.

    When I see Yoshi, I see something like a swan.

    Swan's have large bodies, just like Yoshi. They also have a similar appearance in where they have small legs and a long neck/head.

    But Swan's have small head with long necks. That leaves less stress on their feet so they have considerably less weight to work with.

    Yoshi has small legs, but a giant head the size of his body.


    Yoshi stands on two legs. So does a T-Rex.

    But comparing head size doesn't work here.
    A T-Rex had a large head, but it was considerable smaller than his body. That allows for the T-Rex to have much better balance and mobility. Not to mention very large legs and tail to assist in balance and mobility.



    The first Yoshi is terribly imbalanced with his head that he wouldn't be able to move at all. Legs contribute to that. His hands would be able to drag his body due to being too small and putting him in an awkward position to be crawling in. Imagine a T-Rex trying to crawl forward. Weird and unlikely.

    The second Yoshi would also have balance issues. Although his head is somewhat smaller, it is still rather large in comparisson to his body. The manner in which his underside, chest and neck have no definition and simply create a curve to his head is what makes it possible for him to have little muscle in those areas and simply tip over.
    His legs are also obscenely small and wouldn't serve him any mobility. His arms are even smaller than the other.

    Yoshi would realistically be lying there, on his belly, with his head on the ground (too much weight to lift), having insufficient leg muslce to stand, small arms to the side, waiting for the vultures.

    Yoshi is a terrible dinosaur. He has no manner in which he can move. He can't even support his own body weight from being too terribly disproportioned.
    A ram attack is out of the question.

    Luigi does what he wants to the dino. That gives him the win.
    Necroid Shaman
    Shining Flare Wingman
    Flame Wingman
    Rampart Blaster
    Thunder Giant.

    I like keeping it 1st season.
    Depends :O.
    I'll get US if you want me to. I'll use both mai decks.
    My hell OMG YOU ARE SO !@#$ BROKEN deck and my terrible EHERO deck.
    Sure I'll Brawl you!
    Just plz don't have curse words my mom watches alot.

    Who do you main?
    3 mask dragon got it
    2 lord of d. got it
    2 divine dragon raganok got it
    3 luster dragon need 1 more
    3 element dragon lolwhy and I need 2 more
    3 exploder dragon WUT
    2 spear dragon got one
    2 white-horned dragon wut
    2 mirage dragon got it
    1 sangan got it
    1 morphing jar #1 isn't that banned?
    1 smashing ground got it
    1 future fusion need to get it
    2 dragons mirror got it
    2 super polymerization wut
    1 pot of avarice got it
    1 heavy storm got it duh
    1 MST duh
    1 card destruction got it
    1 fissure got it
    1 dna surgery got it
    2 sakaretsu got like 80 of em
    2 bottomless WUT
    1 torrential Love that card, got it
    1 return from different dimension Got it
    1 call or the haunted Shoop-da-whoop
    2-3 king dragun 2-3 O.o
    2-3 5 head dragon ^^^^^
    How do I get him fusion summoned?
    Every time I put him in my deck I fail epically.
    I end up with the only card in my hand is this ugly guy with only 1200 atk points.
    I have 5 headed Dragon AND King Dragun but I never use King Dragun.
    Too hard to fusion summon because both cards suck.
    Dragon deck basically, I just have those two in there for Ancient Rules since it's so good. I either use it for BEWD or REBD, depending on the situation.
    You can send me a list, but it's doubtful I have them. I might be able to trade though.

    What should I do with Luster Dragon #2? Should I get rid of it?
    Hey Nova, I'm going to make a back-up Dragon deck(and I'll follow ur advice on the EHEROes).
    So far I have these cards:

    3 troop dragons.
    2 Offerings to the doomed.
    1 Dragons Mirror
    1 Sakaretsu Armor
    2 Luster Dragons
    1 Red Eyes B Chick
    2 Fissures (LOL)
    1 Smashing Ground
    1 Ancient Rules (for BEWD and REBD)
    1 Armed Dragon lv 7
    3 Masked Dragons
    3 Stamping Destruction
    1 Heavy Storm
    2 Mirage Dragons
    2 Armed Dragon lv 3s
    1 Rose, Warrior of Revenge (tuner ^-^)
    1 The Dragon's Bead
    1 Luster Dragon #2 (might switch for BEWD)
    1 Magic Cylinder
    2 Armed Dragon lv 5s
    1 Spear Dragon
    2 Red Eyes Black Dragons
    1 Red Eyes Darkness Dragon
    2 Blue Eyes White Dragons
    1 Spell Absorbtion
    1 Trap Hole
    1 Level Up!

    And I want to add these in, which ones should I get rid of?
    DMK (basically polymerization, TE-HSF, and Black Luster Soldier.)
    And should I add another Blue Eyes for a Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon?
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