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  • I feel you. I'm new to the scene but I know people. Did you check out the songs I posted in cookie's thread?
    Soundcloud? Ima have to check it out...but at least you're getting original beats; I'm working on that now. You attend Smash tourneys? If so we can talk details there. NEO knows me (at least by face) so I'm not a complete stranger per se.
    Bet tht. I'm a get at him and work out some details. Where you get your beats from tho?
    Hey I heard tht track you put on cookie's blog; joint is tough. I was thinkin if you want maybe we can try and get some work done 2gether since you stay out Laurel (my man Jay-O stays out there as well, and I work with him on a regular). A few of my tracks are on his page as well.
    XD. Boss lives in your region he can help your luigi lots.

    If you come to Columbus we can play a ton of friendlies.
    Thanks for the post in the results!! We should play Wifi soon, but I have to wait til Wednesday when I get my router for our new internet. We switched from DSL to Cable recently.
    For real, I dgaf what M2K calls me, as long as I have fun and make money off scrubs lol

    I guess when you make money like M2K at tournaments, choosing the right one to win is like an investment though lol
    Affinity2412 (3:51:45 AM): howd viridian go?
    "Mew2King" (3:51:52 AM): how did no koast go
    "Mew2King" (3:51:52 AM): DUDE
    "Mew2King" (3:51:53 AM): ally beat me
    "Mew2King" (3:51:55 AM): 5th game
    "Mew2King" (3:51:57 AM): last stock 120
    "Mew2King" (3:51:58 AM): ****
    "Mew2King" (3:52:01 AM): SO ANNOYING GAH
    "Mew2King" (3:52:17 AM): he won 235 more than me cuz of ONE HIT
    "Mew2King" (3:52:23 AM): which BARELY killed me
    Affinity2412 (3:52:30 AM): **** lol
    "Mew2King" (3:52:35 AM): i shoulda went to no koast
    "Mew2King" (3:52:37 AM): oh ya
    "Mew2King" (3:52:39 AM): tyrant sucks now
    "Mew2King" (3:52:43 AM): i ***** him badly in mk dittos
    "Mew2King" (3:52:53 AM): meep beat tyrant, anti, adhd, and many others but lost to me twice
    "Mew2King" (3:52:55 AM): i ***** meep
    "Mew2King" (3:52:58 AM): i ***** tyrant, and anti
    "Mew2King" (3:53:06 AM): and everyone esle but BARELY LOST TO ALLY ****
    Affinity2412 (3:53:40 AM): you were in winners all the way til GFs, right?
    "Mew2King" (3:53:44 AM): yes
    "Mew2King" (3:53:49 AM): then i gave up GF cuz no way im gonna win 2 sets
    Affinity2412 (3:53:52 AM): ok. figured
    "Mew2King" (3:53:53 AM): i just gave up too soon
    "Mew2King" (3:53:57 AM): WF set was good
    "Mew2King" (3:54:03 AM): ****kkkkkkkk
    "Mew2King" (3:54:04 AM): we are so
    "Mew2King" (3:54:06 AM): 50:50
    "Mew2King" (3:54:13 AM): and then the next best person after me and ally
    "Mew2King" (3:54:15 AM): is way behind us
    Affinity2412 (3:54:23 AM): yeah, i can tell from all the results
    "Mew2King" (3:54:24 AM): idk it might be larry
    "Mew2King" (3:54:28 AM): idk who it is
    "Mew2King" (3:54:34 AM): but **** MAN
    "Mew2King" (3:54:36 AM): ****TTTT
    Affinity2412 (3:54:37 AM): lol
    "Mew2King" (3:54:39 AM): i hate losng 5th game LAST HIT
    Affinity2412 (3:54:47 AM): yeah, that sucks man
    Affinity2412 (3:54:57 AM): dont worry. youll get him next time
    "Mew2King" (3:55:07 AM): who won no kaost
    "Mew2King" (3:55:08 AM): and how much money
    "Mew2King" (3:55:10 AM): i shoulda went
    "Mew2King" (3:55:11 AM): FREE win for me
    Affinity2412 (3:55:13 AM): its still going lol
    "Mew2King" (3:55:13 AM): if i went -.-
    "Mew2King" (3:55:20 AM): no koast was a free win for me
    "Mew2King" (3:55:24 AM): i think i should have went
    Affinity2412] (3:55:45 AM): you def should of. our venue was the ****, and everyone had sooo much fun
    Affinity2412 (3:56:04 AM): NKv3 is gonna be in March. you should go to that
    "Mew2King" (3:56:24 AM): what is guaranteed pot?
    "Mew2King" (3:56:32 AM): i wanna know how profitable it is
    Affinity2412 (3:56:55 AM): for v3?
    "Mew2King" (3:57:01 AM): yes
    "Mew2King" (3:57:04 AM): if its a huge pot ill go
    "Mew2King" (3:57:09 AM): it needs to be very profitable basically
    "Mew2King" (3:57:12 AM): then ill travel for it
    Affinity2412 (3:58:03 AM): today was really successful, and we broke 100 people. were expecting the next one to be bigger. this tournament, including the champ pot, went over 1k, i think
    Affinity2412 (3:58:08 AM): not exactly sure though
    "Mew2King" (3:58:21 AM): **** I SHOULDA WENT DAMMIT
    "Mew2King" (3:58:24 AM): the thing is
    "Mew2King" (3:58:29 AM): the circuit points thing i dont like cuz
    Affinity2412 (3:58:33 AM): i know lain won the singles circuit, cause he already had a lot of points
    "Mew2King" (3:58:35 AM): i prolly wont get many points cuz ill rarely go to them
    "Mew2King" (3:58:41 AM): if its just individual tourney pot then thats good for me tho
    Affinity2412 (3:59:18 AM): well, the thing about today was that it was the champs, so all points were doubled, so anyone had a chance of winning the circuit money
    Affinity2412 (3:59:51 AM): but, im not sure if v3 is going to be part of a circuit. once i find out, ill let you know.
    Affinity2412 (4:00:09 AM): oh, how the v2s going? ummm...
    Affinity2412 (4:00:55 AM): lains going into GFs against either Lee Martin or Ultimate Razer (whoever won WFs) now
    Affinity2412 (4:01:08 AM): he landed a gordo ftw 4th game lol
    Affinity2412 (4:01:34 AM): oh, its lee
    Affinity2412 (4:01:44 AM): Lee Martin vs Lain GFs starting now
    Affinity2412 (4:01:58 AM): so yeah, you def should have come lol
    "Mew2King" (4:02:11 AM): OMFG
    "Mew2King" (4:02:13 AM): FREE WIN FOR ME
    "Mew2King" (4:02:17 AM): IM STUPID for not going
    Affinity2412 (4:02:35 AM): we tried so hard to convince you lol
    Affinity2412 (4:03:17 AM): dont worry. i expect to see you at v3 :-)
    "Mew2King" (4:03:24 AM): if its huge payout
    "Mew2King" (4:03:25 AM): ill come
    Affinity2412 (4:03:39 AM): alright cool
    Ftilt happy ROB's, do shorthop airdodge into upb on them, or run at there ftilt, powershield, then grab. After grabbing you can chaingrab them across the stage into klaw.

    Jab is amazing vs space animals.
    Hey Noraa,

    My name is MochaMew and I'm your next opponent in the loser's bracket, so I was wondering when you wanted to have our match. I believe our deadline is on Sept.20 so we should still have plenty of time to plan. You can find me at the Zelda xat (under the same username) and we can both try to chat there between our matches


    Best of luck to you! =D
    I sent you two replays as well.

    I started sandbagging vs the Oli. lol

    the one vs pit was an online tournament match, so you can see me when I'm kinda serious. The Pit was pretty good. The last combos is something I just made up on the spot lol.

    Your replay vs the R.O.B. was mad legit. I noticed that you play the matchup extremely differently than I do. If you didn't know, we can actually outcamp R.O.B. Just take his gyro qnd begin the camping process. Absorb lasers as necessary and just camp him. R.O.B. Sucks at approaching. It works pretty well as a solid strategy. You tend to roll away alot, which isn't recommended. Just foxtrot away or something.
    hi Noraa well i see what you say but that doesn't mean that you can return later ok is not a bye forever is only to have time for yourself so animo ok

    everything is ok so went you want to comeback you can ok

    animo animo animo

    soooooo yeaaaaaaa on Sat.. night im prolly gonna need housing O.O so i'll talk to you at the tournament how bout itz?
    'correctly' is relative. i don't cg, but i do use spontaneous desyncs to confuse/punish the opponent. just do what feels right to you.
    lol no prob. mostly what you'll hear is "CGs aren't everything, but lets base everything we do off of them anyway"

    but good for picking them up. we need more.
    Well I used to, but I go to my grandparents a lot, and they live in Laurel
    Sounds good. I'll put you in and hope to see you. GL with the papers and whatnot
    Hey Noraa, I was looking through the Lucas boards and it looks like you're considered one of the top Lucas players. Here's a good-natured challenge from a Sonic main, if you have an open space on your friend roster.
    i have no idea i thought my olimar could handle it....

    I played god awful yesterday
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