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  • Izaw i know not to ask for art of videos here but I think you should really update your previous video on cloud since it really doesn't compare to more recent guides, thanks so much for the guides your work is by far the best I've seen thus far
    Love your work and hope to see more of it, All of your guides keep influencing me into switching my main lol :p,
    but still much respect to all of your work :D
    Absolutely amazing work, whenever I want to learn a character the first thing I do is check to see if Izaw has a guide on them, reccomend him to everyone who's starting out and personally learned a lot from all his guides.
    Thank you for covering ALL my mains! I was waiting for the Art of Marth for a very long time, put it was definitely worth it!
    Hi Izaw I'm also a Link main and have been wanting to learn all the cool things he can do, I've learned much from your videos. and it has made me better. I would really like to play you sometime so I can improve even more if that's cool. My NNID is Fritzberg95
    Hey Izaw, do you have any advice going against Cloud mains and good ways to punish?
    What helps me,
    - use projectiles to close in on them
    - Once your in Cloud's dash attack/ side smash range play defensive,
    -shield while looking for end lag to get a grab, it's really helpful being able to grab Cloud out of the air during his Dair.
    - then after I throw them I usually follow up with a projectile to put pressure on them off stage, then carefully space a Fair
    Hope this helped!
    Hey Izaw I just fought your Orange Kirby on For Glory. I was Jaimy (the pink Kirby). You're a boss! :O
    Just wanted to thank you for your Link guides. They helped polish my Link, and taught me a few new things about Smash in general. Looking forward to Art of Link 3. :)
    Hey it looks like you get these messages a lot, but are you up for a few rounds of Link dittos later? I'm not well known, but I believe I will give you a real run for your money. I just want to see who is better or if there is something to learn from you.
    quick question, i wanted to know if link's zair still works as a spacing tool for the wii u version as good as in brawl
    Hey there, mind if we go against one another on the Smash Wii U game? A little 1 v 1 action with Link dittos possibly?
    Hey Izaw,
    I believe yesterday I fought against you in For Glory. (unless it was a fake, but you or whoever was playing was really good) I used Sheik and Cpt Falcon, with a tag of Buddy002. I was so hyped when I realized I was playing against you. I love your youtube vids, you helped me so much w/ perfect pivoting! I had a ton of fun, I hope that we meet again!
    Yea I remember, cheers buddy
    Sup Izaw. I heard from a good friend of mine, LuviantX that you have a pretty solid Shiek. I'll like to face you sometime as I need some match up experience with said character and I wanan face pretty good shieks :)

    And of course, I can't forget about that Boss Link. If you wanna play just hit me up.

    NNID: BoScotty. If you have Skype or something, that'd be convenient!
    Hey Izaw, a long time back you gave me some advice on via youtube message for maining Link in Brawl - I appreciated that a lot. If you ever want a match, let me know. I'm always trying to sharpen my game.
    Keep rocking man.
    NNID: Skydog
    Izaw91 : NNID
    Hey, picked up the Wii U version? Let me know if you want to play :)
    I did, working on Art of Sheik atm, but add me, Izaw91
    Great games. I see your Sheik got even tougher than before @___@ and nice Ike, too. Looking forward to our next matches. :)
    Cheers man, ur samus is a lot of fun
    Hey Izaw, was wondering if you'd still like to play sometime. I'm the Samus player from For Glory some time ago. My FC is: 3368 - 1394 - 5272 We had a great connection back then so hoping for some more friendlies :)
    Ye adding u
    Hey! We just played like 2hours on for glory mode! I am " K' " I played greninja. Was really tired at the end ahaha! Nice link and sheik!
    Cheers buddy, GG
    Just fought your sheik and link as Pac-Man. My 3ds name is Pharaoh. Nice combos man ;-). Sorry for what happened in that pacman vs link match, I killed myself because I had to go.
    Hey, I think I played you in For glory today. I played lucario and I beat your mario once, you wrecked my face 10 times. Was that you? How the hell do you combo so well lol? Just wanna get better but i'm not entirely sure how, never played smash before sm4sh 3ds. My name is K9 btw.
    yes that was me =), remember you k9, and I dunno, i just know Sheik veryvery well, so learn your char and ull find combos eventually
    Hey, I've got a question about you record in HD.
    Is a high quality video editing proogram like Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas required.
    The programs you recommended in your video are pretty expensive, I'd love to try and record in HD without shelling out money if possible.
    Hey izaw I just want to say the videos you put up are great and also fun to watch.
    T stands for Tonie, he's top 5 in the Netherlands, he also scores high @ internationals. He mains Ddd & Wolf. I'd like to repped as Rog since nobody knows me under Ingoro
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