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  • I think I found some errors in the Melee 1.0 Hitboxes spreadsheet, which Kadano links in his Perfect Marth thread and credits to you. The errors are in the WBK column. Some, but not all, of the the calculations seems to be wrong, e.g. Fox's dair or Falcon's Jab. Not only do they seem absurdly high, but they don't agree with MasterHand. I thought you'd like to know.
    The % knockback rows were added by me. Please PM me about this.They were only intended to be approximations since KB is influenced by weight, but I don’t want them to be completely off.
    hey, I figured out that unknown offset 16c is actually what bone or part of the body the camera zooms in on when in training mode or debug mode.
    do you know if you can change the origin point of a shield or the ability to angle your shield different amounts?
    is there any possibility of knowing who is next? I assuming you are doing series characters together.
    dude you are amazing Toomai! Thank you soo much for your hard work with the hitboxes. Could you do Sonic next? Or are you following any pattern or anything? whats your game plan?
    i think they are pretty important and seem to do weird stuff. I was investigating it a bit because I had noticed that trying to do moves character with TopN doesn't work on grounded moves upwards. I then went to explore the action flags a bit and found I could trigger landing and stuff while on the ground by altering the common action flags.

    Weird stuff, really.
    Hey Toomai - your work on Hitbox and hurtbox flags is awesome. Have you done any work on action flags in tabuu? They are still a large black box and have huge impacts on how an action functions.
    Hello, I've created the smash lab skype group. If you'd like to join in then if you'd please give my your skype name (or you can send me a contact request if you wish, my skype name is "guest438").

    If not, then sorry for bothering you. >.<

    Hmmmm, welll I appreciate the answer. I don't know if this helps, but what is known is that base knockback is definitely an arbitrary increment of some sort that weight has no effect on. 80 bkb and no less for example induces tumble on all characters regardless of weight. The only question that remains is exactly how many units of knockback does a single point of bkb represent.
    I know you mentioned something about there being a requirement of 2000 units of knockback for a meteor to lift a grounded opponent (which I would assume means it causes tumble). Do you think you could explain how exactly base, growth, and damage factor in knockback units?
    You realize that I run the applications for the Smash Lab, meaning that if I "recommend" you, I'm asking you to join. lol Anyway, good to have you aboard.
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