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  • Speak with Sync, or use Xyro to get in contact. They have the files i dont.

    I'm pretty sure I won't be back in Dallas. I'll see about making WHOBO 3, though.
    Hey will you be able to bring a setup to the SGFC? We are in desperate need of setups. Most of the people I was hoping to bring them backed out.
    The tournaments is not going to be anywhere near dallas lol. Its in Marshall, waaay east texas. Like three hour drive from Dallas.

    I'm trying to get a scene started. I have met a lot of smashers in my area, but they aren't willing to come all the way to DFW/Houston for a tournament. Trying to get them interested in competitive smash by bringing some high level players to them with this tournament instead.

    Will make a thread once I get the date finalized, hoping for June 18th but haven't got that set yet.
    Ill get right on that...as soon as I get my recording fixed.

    See, I just installed Ubuntu a while back and I kinda got recording working, just no audio. Been working on that for awhile now. And Im not even sure if windows still works(lol never checked after install). I may get some vids up at the end of this week, if not, next week.
    Only when people request it. And I already have default jiggs in a top hat. I keep all the tuxedo/top hat textures over default.
    I wouldn't say 99% of the time, more like when I feel like it.

    But I have 2 stocked people who can beat level 9's every time. I just suck against computers because of there mad punishing skills. I mean, I get mad over lvl 3's short hopping around my shield and then attacking as soon as I drop it.

    But yeah I sadly don't have as much hope as you do. I need some fighting spirit :/
    Lol I main Rob and Mario. I put random on there cuz I really use both of them, I could never stick to just one.
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