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Recent content by Budget Player Cadet_

  1. Budget Player Cadet_

    Can a fictional character affect norms in reality?

    *blinks* Uhhh... You do realize that this image is literally less racy than any given screenshot in any given match of Super Smash Bros Ultimate that contains ZSS or Bayonetta, right? This feels like such a truly bizarre statement from the mod staff that I'm not even sure how to parse it. It's...
  2. Budget Player Cadet_

    Quick Attack Cancel

    Even if you could, it doesn't seem to matter, as moving platforms are apparently a thing of the past.
  3. Budget Player Cadet_

    A long overdue apology

    So... I was kind of a douche. Like, seriously. What the **** was wrong with me? I wanna go back in time and beat the **** out of myself. I'm a kid. Playing video games. With my friends. Where did all the ****ing bitterness come from, to the point where I was willing to burn ****ing bridges...
  4. Budget Player Cadet_

    Meta Stage Legality Discussion Thread:

    I've been playing quite a bit on MKU and have not been able to trigger any glitch there. I don't see why it should be seen as any different from, say, the fall-through-the-floor glitches on Delfino and Pokemon Stadium 1 in Brawl - something that occasionally happens but doesn't disqualify an...
  5. Budget Player Cadet_

    Sexism in smash bros in general and character design:

    My girlfriend tried to get into the competitive scene and was repulsed by the sexism present at small weeklies. Not to put too fine a point on it, but this statement you're making is completely bull****.
  6. Budget Player Cadet_

    Transgender Friend?

    Yeah, the big thing that matters from my experience is that you make an effort. The reason names matter so much with transgendered individuals is often that people calling them by their old name are doing so to intentionally reject their gender identity - essentially, a way of saying "You're not...
  7. Budget Player Cadet_

    5 Worst Characters in Our Current Metagame

    Oh, he's bad, sure, but as bad as Mewtwo? As bad as Zelda? He's nowhere near there. Now, as for an out-of-the-box pick: Little Mac. This character is not viable. In fact, he's probably the only character who is fundamentally not viable as a single-pick main. You're going to suck if you only...
  8. Budget Player Cadet_

    Sexism in smash bros in general and character design:

    You mean like Shulk showing off that beautiful bishi bod? The alternate costumes are essentially the only real variations you can make on ZSS. They're based off the win screens for Metroid, and are done quite tastefully IMHO. I don't see a problem with this.
  9. Budget Player Cadet_

    Is True Music Talent Dying...

    Hey guys? Music always sucked. That piece of über-simplistic caramel sludge hit #1 on the billboards in 1969. Among the songs that didn't that year: - Whole Lotta Love - Pinball Wizard - Evil Ways - Space Oddity - 21st Century Schizoid Man ...I could keep going. By the way, if you haven't heard...
  10. Budget Player Cadet_

    Donald Trump discuss

    I have no problem with your dispute of that claim. I think it's nonsense as well. My objection is to you supporting the idea that such expensive actions pilfer our children's future at all. It seems a simplistic view of how the debt works in the first place.
  11. Budget Player Cadet_

    Donald Trump discuss

    Oh. See, that's what I was asking about. Let's look back for a moment: ...At which point I brought up debt, trying to understand where you were coming from, and you said that that was all besides the point, and that your point was just about immigration. So which is it?
  12. Budget Player Cadet_

    Donald Trump discuss

    Oh, okay... Sorry, I thought you were agreeing with Flustered Bat that our children's future is getting pilfered. Because that's exactly what you said.
  13. Budget Player Cadet_

    What counts as evidence for God?

    I don't think you get it. Science is fundamentally incapable of proving that something does not exist. The fact that we haven't detected god by any currently known method and in any place we've looked doesn't in any way imply that God doesn't exist. And this will remain true regardless of how...
  14. Budget Player Cadet_

    What counts as evidence for God?

    See, here's where I kind of have to step in. The problem with such supernatural phenomena is that they are often explicitly designed to avoid detection. The bible, for example, is pretty clear on this. There's no degree to which science could detect the truth of God. But even beyond that...
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