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  • I wrote a pretty long thread on ruleset philosophy, and considering I know how you were interested in ruleset discussion and stuff, and after that last debate we had, you seemed to have completely switched opinions to one that seems to be fairly close to my own (I don't know if it was because of me or not, but you do seem to have switched philosophies to one similar to my own for one reason or another haha), and I was wondering, where you come from with opinions and stuff, what your opinion on this thread of mine would be: http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=317460

    Critique and stuff :P
    Dude, when you get a chance, PLEASE contact me. Im trying to contact some players in europe but i dont know exactly how so i need you. PLEASE
    Hey, BPC. Long time. :p I just posted something in the Writer's Forum (it's about philosophy, but I don't have debate hall access, so oh well, lol). I was wondering if you would be willing to read it; I'm looking for some criticism. It's long (17 pages, 22 with appendix). Anyway, let me know if you have time.
    Ah I guess I was thinking of Fox News as more far-right than it technically is. When in reality they're just... really really horrible for unrelated reasons to political alignment or extremity. Might be fun to watch some SWM though just to get a taste of the other side of stupidity as I've never seen that.

    Regardless, liberalism fo lyfe
    huh, apparently we last had this conversation in autumn of 2010, hahaha. It's a tradition!

    Either that or a sign we politically impartial open-minded types need to create a holiday to celebrate and promote our wonderful existence. I figure we can get some cool hoods and burn effigies of Fox News DVDs and, I dunno, some equally stupid extreme left thing, if such things exist.

    Then we can find overly polarizing people that think they know politics and teach 'em a lesson with some rope and a tree and this joke is getting darker than intended but I just can't stop because I kind of mean it oh man
    Reading your Occupy This post was one of the most satisfying pseudo-ninjas in so long

    We always seem to rub elbows with stupid people, don't we?
    You get banned from the escapist recently for saying this: "Creationists are insane and stupid; it's a damn shame that they're not of the same caliber as Flat-Earthers and Moon Denialists."?
    just found out i won't be able to get to portland until around 3:30 PM. WELP. I won't be in South Station until 5:35 as a result.
    lol just asked sphere about it, apparently he doesn't get out of work until 4:30 PM, and then it's another hour on top of that before he can get to south station. the closest busses that work with that for bangor are the 11:00-3:25 bus (which arrives 2 hours before sphere arrives in south station), or the 3:30-7:55 bus. either of those work for you? i don't mind hanging out in south station for a couple of hours if it comes down to that.
    that should be fine, there's a bus from portland that arrives at the same time so it should work out. fats/koolaid deconfirmed due to a family event happening the same weekend so as far as i know, it's just you me and sphere
    sounds good, i know the bangor schedules aren't as frequent (there's like 5-6 busses in one day when portland->boston has 15ish), so just let me know which bus you plan on taking and hopefully it stops in portland along the way.

    if worst comes to worst and your ideal bus doesn't stop in portland, i'll try to arrive in boston earlier and i could meet you at the bus terminal so you wouldn't be completely lost in south station :p
    Sphere would pick us up from South Station. If Koolaid/Fats confirm, they live down the street from South Station so we'd all basically meet up there.
    1. Sphere (our driver) says he's charging $15 a person. However, getting from Bangor to where we're meeting up (South Station in Boston), costs a bit more. Concord Coachlines prices it at $71 round trip.

    2. The trip itself? Bangor to South Station is a 4:25 trip according to Concord Coachlines. South Station to West Massachusetts (Housing at Darc+Watkins' place) should at most be 1:30. I'm not entirely sure how long the trip from West MA to KTAR will be, but I'd put it at somewhere between 2:30-3:30.

    3-5. We'd be housing in West MA Friday night, heading down to KTAR Saturday morning, heading back up to West MA Saturday night, and then returning to Boston South Station Sunday morning.
    over time, I've been starting to agree with you about things more and more. I hate how people claim the ruleset and stagelist favors MK and want to take away more stages :(
    We'd probably travel to NJ August 12th, and travel back August 14th. I gotta figure out whether or not I can even go (apparently everyone at work took this weekend off...), but if I can, I'll see what I can do regarding another spot in carpools.
    oh, and when specifically in august are you coming to maine? you might be able to join new england in our KTAR carpool adventure
    bangor is unfortunately like 2 hours north of me, i live a little bit north of portland. there are busses that go from bangor to portland though (google concord coachlines)

    also my travel options are typically "get a ride" or "take a bus to boston, and then get a ride," but i should be getting a car sometime in august, so it might work out.
    Lol, I got tempbanned on the OCRemix forums because they can't handle people dissenting from their opinion. I've had problems with them trolling before, but this one just takes the cake, dude; I had to let you know. If you're interested, it's a thread about Andy Baio getting sued in Community Discussion. I'd link it... but banned. :p
    BPC to answer a small fragment of you post in the MlP debate, I have the worst time telling when people are joking over the internet. Just PM/Ask Teran he can tell you all about my inability to tell when people are joking or not.
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