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  • Seeding is used to make sure the best people play each other at the end of the tournament.

    If you take everybody that is in the tournament and put them into the bracket randomly, its possible you might end up with Kakera vs Nietono or M2k vs ally first round. So entrants are seeded based on skill so that the best players dont play each other too early. If you know anything about the NBA (Basketball in the US) playoffs, they work the same way.

    Same with pools, pools are made so that there arent too many WAY TOO GOOD players in one pools.

    The idea of pools is that everyone should have a decent chance of getting out. but if you have 3 really good players and 2 scrubs in a pool then the 2 people dont even have a chance.
    Yeah, I only picked it cuz I use Mario and he has the whole cape thing goin for him...like a Matador, lol.
    As far as Wolf specifics, if I remember, the CG first starts around 30% damage, and doesn't end til 170-200% ish damage. So all you have to do is land a few attacks on Wolf first, and then you get to CG him for a long time.
    Sure. Do you know about Wario's general CG on people like DK and Ganon?


    That video for example is a great representation of what the CG looks like. Wario also has this on Wolf.

    All that it is, is using Dthrow and then buffering another grab in the other direction. So Dthrow, wait for a bit til the buffer window comes up (last 10 frames), then press other direction and grab. Then, make sure the control stick goes back to neutral before the buffer window is over (so basically you aren't holding left or right, you're just tapping it once to make sure you turn around the right way)
    No I mean he WOULDNT miss it because he can place in the money in like every smash event.

    Since a lot of people are going to APEX that means there is a lot of money on the line which means he will be there for sure.
    No worries man. DSR stands for Dave's Stupid Rule.

    It means that a player can't counter-pick a stage that he has already won on in the set unless the opponent agrees to it.
    its fine brotha. check out DEHF (the best Falco) SK92, Shugo, Kasper and Rain. Those are the top level Falcos
    Well I have a blog on aib for my music, but it's a little outdated by a few months or so. I'm a little too lazy to update it as well. But about 85% of it is the same as in my videos, so go for it.
    I assume you mean FD and SV... I don't think SV is particularly unbalanced in most matchups, but FD is definitely a counterpick and a horrible starter. If you want to see why, chew on this figure for a moment: it was banned in 1/3rd of all the total sets in MLG. You know, the tournament series that also had Norfair, Green Greens, and Pictochat legal? The stage is wildly unbalanced, and heavily favors certain types of characters, despite its flat, unmoving ground.

    SV gets dragged into the discussion mostly because it favors exactly the same characters as FD, although not quite as extremely. So when it comes up in the context of starter lists, I just feel obligated to point this out:
    Diddy's best 4 stages: FD, SV, Picto, BF
    IC's best 3 stages: FD, SV, BF
    Falco's best 4 stages: Japes, FD, BF, SV

    This is what I'm talking about when I mention that the stages are unbalanced. It's not a problem iwth 7 or 9 starters, and it's not a problem in 5 starters if FD is gone. But the typical 5-starter? Yeah....
    :D don't worry about it, I love to help. If you ever decide to come to a tourney in the states like Apex 2012 let me know. I live 5 mins from that venue and can house people. Just giving ya a heads up.
    It'll take about 2 hours to upload to megaupload so I'm going to let it upload while I'm sleeping and send ya the link when I wake up.
    Sure dude, I'll put it up in a couple hours after I'm out of class and message you back.
    Will is definitely the best Donkey Kong. After that it is probably Cable then OoK currently.
    By allowing infinites Donkey Kong now has basically a 0 - 100 matchup against DDD. Before the unified ruleset Donkey Kong was allowed to go against DDD without the fear of DDD abusing his large stature and infiniting him over and over again. For example in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JY8Lw7xw4TI Will was able to beat Atomsk (a top DDD main) by playing BETTER than his opponent. Although the matchup is terrible, Will was able to pull it off.

    Because of the new infinite rule, DDD's insane grab range, and the ability to infinite DK many players are angry because they feel as though anyone can pick up DDD and counterpick any notorious Donkey Kong main before a set or even on their counterpick and throughout the rest of the set.

    Hope that clears things up!
    Sure thing, Loki. Only problem is I've never used wiichuck, so I'm not entirely sure how to go about doing certain ATs. BUT, the ATs I'd advise looking into most are:

    -Banana choking
    -Wizkick Cancel
    -Flight of Ganon

    Most of those can be found in the Ganon Board's Ganon Skills, Techs and Frame data thread. It's stickied so it should be easy to find.
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