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Supreme Dirt
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  • Can you remove that holyv guy from your MK ban group or at least speak to him? His spam is irritating.
    Hey, there's a tournament at A&C on the 30th that I believe is being hosted by Tin, he just hasn't made the thread yet. If you're going, would you mind playing my Falco (or possibly Pikachu, if I pick him up by then) in a few friendlies as Dedede? I literally only use him for that one matchup atm, and you're like the only person in the GTA who uses Dedede lol
    so wait do you think i could hex to view weight .. or is there a system i don't know about im not good at dumping .. :p
    In favor for totally stealing your Halbred Homestruck BRSTM, I uploaded some of the BRSTMs that you asked for. Problem was, I deleted my post that had the ones you requested, so I'm going to post my favorites here and you can just tell me which ones you didn't get:

    http://www.mediafire.com/?qd9ie7ta5h0c8br - Holy War (My favorite Menu Theme)
    http://www.mediafire.com/?96meo49jub5y1wf - Take Over Destiny (Battlefield)
    http://www.mediafire.com/?aofvb2wc47ak2mt - Tutti Sound (I have it on Battlefield as well)
    http://www.mediafire.com/?qgvnjvo6tajjj4b - Saga Frontier 2 (Pokemon Stadium 1)
    Yeah, I see what you mean. But I think eventually the fanartists and fanwriters would run their wells dry. As in, without any new webcomics, there'd be no new plot elements from which to draw inspiration from. That's not to say I don't like all of the fan-generated material; MSPA fanstuff is infinitely better than nearly all fanstuff from any other community, lol.
    I'm not too sure I understand what you mean by "self-perpetuating". Like, even if homestuck gets ended, hussey'll still make more webcomics? Because MSPA is basically his job.

    I don't know, I actually don't read homestuck. Yet. Right now I'm reading Problem Sleuth.
    Okay YES, I can edit my own VM.

    MMs so I can keep track of them.

    Seagull Man :wolf: vs. :sheilda: bo3 $5
    Seagull Man :metaknight: vs. :dedede: bo3 $5
    ch33s3 :popo: vs. :sheilda: $5 bo3 2 stage bans
    ch33s3 :popo: vs. :lucario: $5 bo3 2 stage bans
    SnackAttack :dedede: vs. :wario: $1 bo3
    SnackAttack :ganondorf: vs. :wario: $1 bo3
    Burger Challenge
    Tin Man :olimar: vs. :dedede: bo3

    Next GTA Tournament
    MPrime ??? vs. :dedede: $10 bo5
    Iliad :falcon: vs. :dedede: $5 bo3
    Googs :diddy: vs. :ganondorf: $5 bo3
    Googs :diddy: vs. :dedede: $5 bo3
    not anymore, i had to reset my laptop to factory settings a while ago and lost everything with the wipe. :[ might go back and re-do them this summer.
    hey man i was wondering if i can become a tester for Brawl64. i got a lot of time on my hands and love the project. thanks!
    Just read your fight in the Community Growth Discussion
    Sorry everyone trolled you.

    It amuses me that newer people to the forums feel like whatever they say is right, and people who have been around for a while are a lot more open to ideas.
    Unlikely I'll make it to any of those tournaments. Making it to tournaments that are out of state is very difficult for me.

    And besides, I don't have real TL experience since those barely exist in tournament.
    Now that I think about it, you're the same guy that's on Smogon too, aren't you?

    Man such a small world.... urr.... internet?
    Nope, they were all done at 200x300, so they could shrink perfectly (the original reason I started drawing them was for AllisBrawl avatars). After I decided to do all of the characters, I decided to keep that unified, so...nope! Sorry!
    It's bizarre, but it gives him really crazy movement options on the stage.

    Also, do you have time to playtest something for Brawl-? And someone to do it with?
    The "Flight of Ganon" AT is incredibly useful, allowing him to either stay ahead of the opponent or chase incredibly well. He has that crazy Uair, and if the opponent gets careless, both dair and gerudo can mean very early kills due to how the stage rises.
    Yeah, I'll be having a Smashfest tomorrow, most likely.
    You down for that?
    This looks pretty promising.

    Now all we need is a stage roster expansion code like there is for Brawl, and a way to port stages over other ones - unless of course there are no module issues like there are in Brawl.

    Oh, and I need to mod my GC. Been procrastinating on that.
    No, no you do not. You can actually just use your already moded wii that you use for brawl hacking. Mod GC not required.
    Yup I actually thought of that since one of my triggers (r) was kinda sticky it was 2 birds with 1 stone, but the problems kept the same. Thanks anyway =D good to know the internez still have nice fellows.
    Nope, some one answered it already that some bad code makes the wiimotes desync, other ppl stated having the sme problem, but thanks anyway. =]
    I need to ask for help, I decided I would set out and make my own minor smash mod called hybrid brawl. Basically it is a mixture of what I like about the three smash games. So I need to pick your brain for some codes I really wish to get my hands on manly.

    Taunt Cancel code
    64 Hit stun level code
    Remove tripping (Strange how I can not find this code dispite how hated tripping is :p .)

    That is all I need really help would be greatly appreciated.
    hehe. well in 2008-2009 i basically went on a spamming spree to get the highest post count on the boards. i pretty much accomplished a lot, i got pretty far. when i had around 12,000 posts i was like the 5th highest poster. but it happened in a way that really drew attention to itself and several mods got really annoyed. i basically spammed every thread in pacific west regional zones, i had every other post in almost every thread. i was banned a few times and was in danger of being perma-banned

    as a worse punishment, the mods thought it would be fitting to cut my post count to less than 6,000, but not only that, to reverse my post count. eventually i just kept posting at a normal rate instead of spamming. when i hit 0 posts, i didn't think it would go past 0 into the negatives but it did :p

    my "true" post count is 23,578 and i'm currently the 2nd highest poster in the boards :p but no one knows that but me
    Sorry. It apparently costs $4.

    But yo.

    Instead of buying it for yourself, put it under my name. Pretty simple right?
    Yo. If you buy it for me now, I'll re-pay you on Saturday.

    You'll profit $2 dollars. Seems worth it to me.

    Thanks. Don't really like posting, so I'll just leave this here instead.
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