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  • i do love me some elsa, and some kira on the side. my psn name is ZMangz505, hit me up some time after this week for some ah3 or ssf4 action
    Brackes are UP

    You have a week to finish this.

    And... Just in case people are (probably) inactive, I'll be checking people's VM's to see who's been trying to get their games done. This way, I'll know which team to kick out of the tourney.

    If you don't know who you're facing 'cause the team name isn't obvious then check the thread OP. http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?p=8908979&posted=1#post8908979

    Good Luck!
    Can you name a specific time on Friday or the weekend so I'll have my schedule clear (like I have a schedule, heh)?

    I know Colorado has two time zones, and I go by Central Time (currently 11:52 pm here), so keep that in mind when you name your time...if you do.
    My MSN is stephen_crackhead@hotmail.com.

    I'll be hanging around the comp all day today and tomorrow after 4pm.
    combo vids are always cool. and getting match vids online is a good idea too.
    maybe a little >> if it wasn't my lucas or d3 it probably sucks.

    keep pracicing bpm, you're gonna be the next m2k.
    Hi how are you Kazz ?

    Fine i hope and well would you like to join to School of PK is a social club for ness and lucas user's !

    Oh lol is pretty good news that sorry for not noticed before is a lil dificult went you write only in your profile try write in the my too ok

    o is too cool that lol also im happy to you are fine too lol for that ok

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