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  • I'm glad to here it. Do you have some sort of messanger? That would be easier to talk on.
    ey mew its been quite some time. we never got to battle we shld really do that ill give u any tips i can on ur lucario :D

    Yeah, mods here don't mod. Don't get me wrong, im not trying to throw them down they just aren't perfect at management. Cool people though.

    Anyways my phone has been taken, until i complete some unclear goal, and even then i cant use it as much because my mother lives 10 years in the past and thinks that having a conversation with someone that isn't your best friend or your family is unhealthy, and i need to make friends without interacting with them (idk apparently you get to know somebody just by saying hi to them). And that i need to interact with the family because she thinks im withdrawn... which isn't really the case, its just that they are all extremely uninteresting and id always would rather do other things than watch them talk about something i don't care about, play a game with them that i don't care about, or watch a show that i don't care about, they also always happen to choose the worst time as well.

    So i guess if i choose to hang out with the NEOH crew over watching American Idol (I swear that show cannot get much more cliche and boring) like all the other families do (I guess that defines a family now, oh no, not going on trips or anything, just interacting with them every moment. :/) then something is wrong.

    I hate humans...
    Are you aware he made blogs?

    And if he wasn't, maybe it's a good idea to show him how?
    I noticed you recently created a social group to talk about yourself. Are you aware that you can blog on Smashboards?
    So you have the ROM then? I have it on an emulator, but I haven't gotten very far (just beat the 2nd gym). I'm really waiting for the official release. I've been playing Pokemon Online a little bit though. Are you into competitive battling at all?
    Yo, not much. I've been getting back into YuGiOh again and trying to prepare for WHOBO 3. What's new with you?
    Well, that sucks. IM would be a very fortunate way to stay in contact with you.

    Do you text with a cell phone perhaps?
    So, how's my buddy doing?

    You got a instant messaging system or are you not on the net too much?
    It would be best if you got a instant messaging system such as skype, AIM, MSN, Etc.
    Hey mew! Good to see you <3


    Its pretty difficult to see what you are doing. I'm having a hard time evaluating.

    Before you panic though, i'd like to say that there are a few ways to overcome this.

    I'm not a wifi person... I hate it, lots, but it is still a option. I could let you pummel me as i complain about how unacceptable the lag is, but as i do this, i may evaluate your playstyle. Plus, i have homebrew, i can save all our replays.

    You can also get homebrew yourself, therefore you can save your replays and send them to me. On top of this i could upload them (some instantly, others over time) for all to see.

    I'll look at this vid a bit more, see if I can make much out of it.
    Yo, not much. Just school, work, Brawl, and Pokemon, lol. What's goin' on with you?
    sorry to bring this up, but... you spelt "eyes" wrong in the name of the social group. you used "eye's" which is "eye is"
    One day the chimps will triumph over adversity.......this was just a small victory.
    or here's one i just thought of:

    Red Eyes of Demise

    Cuz Absol's eyes are red and he's the disaster pokemon
    put a little more "uumph" into the name. There will most likely be an Absol in the picture somwhere (if it's an online social group) and the smash club part is pretty obvious to smashers, but could be used as a subtitle for those out of the know.

    using my previous idea as an example:

    "Suckerpunch": An Absol fan-based Smash Club/Crew
    meta absol... i'm sorry, but that's pretty bad. The "meta" prefix is somewhat unoriginal and has too many connections to Metaknight.

    Hmmm... how about "Sucker Punch"? Based off of what is considered to be Absols best move (as of the current metagame)
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