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  • Well ted, you brought this up at a very opportune time. You see, I'm moving to Texas, and so we visit the Tempe/Phoenix area semi-regularly because we have family there. Maybe one of these days I'll drop by and see if you can't make me came rainbows
    I've been crazy busy, but probably in a bad way -- so much is happening atm, with moving in a week's time to another continent, new job, new life, and relationship dramas. all ripe for a good talk in cario IRC, hahaha. are you styill on that these days?
    Stop right there criminal scum!
    Pay the court a fine or serve your sentence.
    Your stolen avatars are now forfeit.
    We need to talk more...

    Ill crank down on my level of insanity just for you ok?

    Or you can name it after the experience you have from it. But that differs between person to person.
    I keep changing them because I can't find one that I'm pleased with, a lot of the ones I find are pretty cool imo, but I just can't decide.

    I found this avatar on somethingawful, and the blue dinosaur guy was from a webcomic.
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    Hey man, how are ya?

    When you get a chance could you get that stuff for Lucario you looked into in the past to me? I appreciate it.
    i just checked theres nothing official about NA release but seeing as how it hasnt even hit japan shelfs yet im not suprised all we can do is wait, and if they do thats good :D
    i think the golden armor (i guess U set) looks utterly ****** and has a legit line of skills impo, reckless 2, sharpness +1, horn, and taunt (woo best neg skill ever?), yeah i may ask a few of my hunter guys to hunt today, its such and underrated game i hope they bring Frontier to AMURICA
    ew kushy is annoying to me D: **** his wind, i personally think narga and rajang are fun because of their evasive movements, i wish i knew how to wifi my PSP we could play sometime ._.
    yeah traps will always be good, i LOVE fighting the narga hes so fun to fight just because of the way he moves and acts, that F***ING tail slam is my bane but i found out by standing under his belly you wont get hit and (if you use DS) just Demonize his tummy and call him a fatass
    nice, yeah i had a friend help level me up, but now i feel like i surpassed him, but ive had to change how i play the game i used to use a **** ton of bombs and traps and items to beat monsters which got me to HR5 by myself, but that style slowly became out dated by the monsters and i had to learn to dodge XD which ALOT of people dont know how to do
    mm im HR 7/8 i cant remember, i alt main LS/DS occasionlly HH when im feeling supportive, i have Golden armor set maxed out as high as i can atm. my felyne partner is GOD hes killed: 2 nargas, 1 garuga, and 3 rajang (killed as in dealth the finishing blow)
    I'm three weeks older, which isn't much.
    Which is why the fact that I'm older doesn't bother me.
    I don't like younger guys <_<

    I didn't admit to myself I liked him until a week before his february tourney.
    He didn't admit to himself he liked me until he woke up the day of his feb tourney.

    Of course, neither of us had the balls to say anything until I did that sunday after getting home.

    Which was Valentine's Day.
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