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  • P.s. To tell the truth tomarrow would be much more convenient for me, i have stuff i need to get done tonight. So if you can't go until tomarrow... Well yeah, what i just said lol
    Alright that's cool. I have a new phone number so text me and let me know. Text me @ 413-657-7912 okay?
    Alright that works for me keep me posted. I asked for the weekend off a while ago so there are no johns on my end this time lol
    hey man hope to see you @ SOTP on the 18th.

    .Zeb has said you're improving so i wanna see that first hand.
    hey dude,

    whats up? i'm planning on hosting another tournament this summer, and I know its far away but I want to get the word out early so we can make it bigger and better than last time! it'd be in the same town in earlyish june most likely. if you're interested, post hype in the interest thread!

    Hey, I know you and roman have been talking about going to Saffron. Any chance I can get a ride? I can chip in for gas and hotel.
    Ummmmm i can't say if this is good.

    really short notice. I have stuff to pack. (Been working.)

    okayyyyyy. i gotta go then.
    Are we going tomarrow? what time? do you need directions? seriously this is stressing me out.

    Though I assume that it's not tonight lol
    I gotta see what's going on friday. I'm suppose to run some errands (really? that's how you spell that?) for my mom but that shouldn't take long and I'm out of class by 12. I'll figure out and get back to you tonight.
    no music? booo i have no radio.

    When are we leaving? you should probably have directions to where I am.

    Here's my #: 413-693-6825. Give me a text to let me know. (If you do be SURE to I.D. yourself lol.) I'm having a hectic week at work because we're having a full preformance review. I'm working till 3 on Friday and wouldn't be totally ready to leave till @ least 5 if Friday is the day you're leaving. I don't know.

    If you want I'll leave you my adress so you can google map it.

    and you'd better see about the hotel stuff 'cause I'm semi ******** today. if we all stay at the same place we can split bills which will make it much less painful.
    okay, do you want to ask him or should I? I guess Mattdotzeb said he already got "us" housing...I'm not sure what that means and I'm probably remembering wrong.
    Also, I'm not sure what we're doing saturday night >.>
    that's fine, I'm probably going to be anti social via headphones and ipod for some of the trip.
    also, djn's smash fest? >_> That's what I"m intending on staying. I also don't have a gps atm.
    You're bringing Spife? dear god I'm def riding with you lol.

    Fox main and a Mewtwo main (Also Marth) and a Sheik main (Also Link) = epic teir johns.

    I'm gonna ask roman now...
    me not driving would be choice actually >.> sorry i'm just dat coo

    yeah fo sho we haven't played in what feels like for ever :(
    Unfortunatly, I was gonna stay wherever roman and crew were going to.

    I should ask him about the hotel huh?

    I have a truck, but if you're bringing other people than your car will be the better option.

    As for where I'll be, that depends on what interstate you have to use to get there. i'd prefer to leave my truck home nice and safe lol.
    speaking of nu carpool, let me carpool with you and sb so roman has room in his car for tvs >_>
    I'll help drive (just no city driving plox) and yeah, get back to me on this.

    Roman tells me you're my new car-pool...

    lol are you riding with me are am I riding with you?

    We gonna stay in the same hotel?

    What's the deal eh?
    yeah he was sandbagging lol ill tell u when he gets serious
    yeah ur pretty good 2 keep up wit that fox n u cud beat flaco
    hey omni let me know when you passing over broyou got my cell number right
    hey fun tournament wat u think?
    T_T epic fail. I found out about it way too late.

    Gonna be going to the one in october though, and I'm gonna try and make it to Revival of Melee 2 lol...
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