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  • The Theory, Practice & Influence of Thoreau's Civil Disobedience

    Google that as well.

    You should be able to find it, it's an interesting read and gives some insight on violence and how it pertains to the essay.

    Also last night I found a nice essay on violent civil disobedience and how there's a difference between violence against the state, and violence against human beings.
    lol ya I hate when that happens and when his/her birthday comes around you don't want to look like a bad friend too so you get him something cool but your still empty handed.
    I still don't have Dissidia and it's been about a week (not enough money for it) Iget my first pay check on friday but I still can't wait guess I'm just going to be happy playing the demo. :(
    It was probably one of the worst ways I could phrase it. :x I still feel bad for it. Especially looking back at it.

    What was going through my mind at the time. D=
    I would actually like to apologize about what I stated in the ADHD topic.

    I seriously don't know what was going around in my mind. Seriously.... I replaced it with any other disease and it just sounded like I was a complete *******.... I sincerely apologize for it... and wish I could edit it out.... :/

    (EG: "I personally find it fun to be around those with cancer")
    Someone who can play devil's advocate very well is another thing we need in the debate hall.
    You clearly are a very educated person able to clearly express yourself.
    I ended up playing against Vwins / Pink Shinobi (who are both Peach players) on that stage with Fox. Granted, it's not as bad as say Dreamland or Kongo, but FoD is hard for me to space myself and gives me no room to move around. It also has a high ceiling and a small sides, and because Fox primarily kills upwards, the high ceiling makes it harder for Fox to kill and the small sides only help Fox die faster.
    lol gl.... you WILL need it. =P All the best foxes in the world are going to be there(M2K, Cactuar, Mango, PC). You might be able to learn something from them.
    I didn't notice I didn't reply. lol

    But yeah the better player is probably going to win this match. It's an amazing match to watch to if the players are fairly even. Now I wanna watch M2K vs PC.

    WHICH REMINDS ME! You know about that tourney that's going to have Mango, PC, KDJ, and M2K, along with many, many others to make a HUGE pot? THat's going to be amazing! You're east coast, right? So you're probably no rooting for mango. I hope M2K wins so ppl can stop doubting who the best is.
    I actually heard that fox vs. marth is very very even and I tend to agree though I don't know too much about it since my melee knowledge is limited. =/ I think it has to do with lazers and how early he can kill marth. Idk. And I think a really techy fox is difficult to grab (maybe impossible) and grabs help sets up many of marth's gimps.... then again I suppose fair does too.
    MK can **** everyone's recovery. If you're not great at recovering even MK will **** MK's recovery. Without his recovery I think he'd still be in top tier. Look at fox from melee. His recovery was very, very gimpable but he was still clearly best in the game. Thing about DDD is as true for him as it is for MK. They both have really small jumps though MK has 5 ways to recovery 3 of which are pretty ungimpable unlike DDD.

    I think MK has better options in the air then tornado. That tier list is broken into mad tiers anyway. >.> And didn't fox have no bad matchups in melee? Marth still did well in tournies. Snake and especially falco need to step up. They're too good against most of the cast..... and its MK, Snake, Falco, etc. for the tier list. I just checked.
    YOu can shield tornado everytime if your shield is at max. you just have to tilt it up. Spamming it isn't a great strategy cuz it gets beat out by so many strong moves. Its not what makes metaknight broken and it ain't that big a deal compared to the rest of his above average moveset.

    He does juggle very well. Rob's recovery can go under the stage... you are never going to gimp it. Wario's bike will bring you back from anywhere and put you back on the stage without even using up, which he has as a back up option, while also keeping him safe. I can't even imagine how a competent wario gets gimped. Sonic is pretty ungimpable too because he has as many options as MK to recover (not exaggerating), but he's still low tier and dropping. DDD has multiple jumps and decent recovery and he get gimped on a occasion. Tilts, aerials, specials, and downsmash make MK really good as far as I see it. Specifically his range/disjointed hitboxes on his aerials/tilts plus the absurd lack of lag on those same attack plus his multiple jumps which allow him to gimp much of the cast consistently plus his reliable kill moves which are all strong and fast (dsmash, glide attack, Up B) all make him beast. How long he lives ain't that big a deal. He's a light weight anyway.

    As I was describing him I realized who he sounds like. Melee marth AND melee fox.... WTF? He's broken tier! (he does have weaknesses too. I could list those as well.)
    Not 100 percent sure, but I don't think tornado is to big a deal to them. It probably has more to do with his insanely fast, long range aerials, ftilt, dtilt, and up b and dsmash for kills. People overrate tornado. Its more cheap then it is good. Pretty much every character has an answer for it and if they don't, shield -> punish. His recovery is good, but a lot of brawl characters are pretty ungimpable ROB, wario w/ bike, zelda, g&w, etc. It is a good skill though.

    MK doesn't have bad matchups (debatable since many say Snake beats him), but he does have even/close matchups so he really shouldn't be dominating this much. Probably cuz he's so popular AND broken.
    Find M2K. He's better, always willing to teach, and is ALWAYS willing to play smash. XD Seriously though, you couldn't find a better person to learn from.

    There really is a lot to unlock in brawl. Many characters haven't had certain aspects of their abilities explored. Pretty much every character has a lot of room to grow. You'd have to get to know individual brawl characters better to know what I mean. Diddy's a good example. Sheik too to a lesser extent. People can still get better at melee, but I feel like we've seen the perfect thing most characters can do already. Only frame perfect players could advance the top tier characters further.

    There are combos in brawl..... not many, but they're there. It is fun to say there are none though.

    MK's kinda gay/boring. Snake and Falco mains need to step up and squash the MK problem.
    More people play brawl then did melee so its not much easier being pro in brawl either. In melee every character has pretty much been pushed to the edge of their potential, but in brawl characters like sheik have so much yet to be unlocked potential.

    I suck at brawl too, just less.

    In terms of the being good thing this is how one person put it. Someone better at melee will win over some worse x% of the time and someone better at brawl win over the other y% of the time. x%>y%. Not really a big deal there aren't a lot of upsets unless the player himself is just inconsistent.

    I really hitstun is the only thing that bother's me about brawl and that's mainly because i play sheik and if there was a bit more hitstun so many more follow ups would be possible. Also the heavy empasis on camping/lack of available aproaches. That annoys because.... well camping's just gay... it doesn't get deeper than that. XD

    You can def be good at melee. Just put everything into it. Train hard AND train smart. There are a lot of good foxes, but not too many good fox mains (weird since he's the best character). You can be the top fox main with some training (pretend like PC doesn't exist).
    Brawl's fun when you get into it. Has a lot to do with which character you pick, but anyway. I suck really, really bad at melee and it kinda annoys me because I spent a decent amount of time practicing. I'm a lot better at brawl with like 3/4 the effort. If melee was dominant I might play it and get over how hard it is, but its not so even less motivation.

    In terms of melee knowledge. Its A LOT to swallow and only after you go really in depth can you truly appreciate how amazing the pros are. The mindgames that go on in a standard melee match in the top 8 are insane, but I barely notice any unless they're pointed out. In terms of watching melee>>>>>>> brawl.
    Lmao! That's actually great. I just got consistently 3-stocked in both games just last week. Worst part is he hadn't played melee since brawl came out..... that actually made me quit melee. XD

    Why'd you end up joining smashboards anyway?
    Oh, please, no color required. I'm barely green as it is.

    And I appreciate that. I think my name is totally obnoxious, but I'm glad you like it. Haha.
    No. Lucky! *tries to name drop* Ummmm.... I played this ill falco named Ritz.... he's a top pro, but its a secret so you won't find him anywhere....

    Do tell me about your match with KDJ though.
    lol I john, not for myself, but so the ones who won don't think they're good. And its not that random. >.< Tripping has never killed me (though annoying). **** melee elitists. <--You have no idea how ironic that statement is.
    He was kinda broken in melee. =P Lol @ the anti-brawlism. I used to say things like that just because I like to be critical, but realistically I have to admit that Brawl probably still more competitive than the vast majority of fighters.

    You have any vids of your fox?
    lol. Know what you mean. It's all good man. I decided to get back into Brawl (with sheik <3) and give up on Melee because.... well I suck at melee.

    And you?
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