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  • Welcome to my fan club! I'm proud to let you know that you are the first member, and by default the temporary president. This means that as president you have the rights to organize fundraisers, start new discussions, and promote the other members to various positions. Just remember to always keep an open mind and never play fox :)
    Yeah I'll probably stop by SBU again, I have been doing so almost every Tuesday and Thursday during the week pretty recently. Catch me the next time I come in =) And nah, I am pretty sure we are full on rides =/
    Hmm, I don't know if it would be worth if for me to come if there are only a few people. I have to conserve on my gas since I just drove out to the Bronx yesterday to train, and I am driving to Poly tomorrow. lol
    Yo so I can probably make it to come practice, do you know who else would be there?

    Help me get a good shiek, we need to practice together more, hang in animated prospectives with me and ben
    I don't live on campus, I'm in Tabler a lot though.

    If we wanna practice, we should meet up with Ben though.
    ROFL! Thanks a lot =D

    It's from the anime Darker Than Black!

    It's a great watch, you should check it out. The second season just ended about a month ago.
    Dude i will give you that matchup. Everyone can use some sonic experience lol. Even me haha. I'll see you there.
    Haha, aww man, that sucks dude.. I know that's like what, 40 mins away from Stony Brook? Oh well.. dude, i'll be at Viridian and I'm looking forward to playing you again! I want a rematch with my fox vs your sheik, you annihilated me last time. Take care man, see you soon!
    Yo Rathy man, it's Shag from that NJ tournament!! Come to Viridian on feb 27th!!!! I'm going and I'm bringing a couple of friends man, hope to see you there! Btw, i went to that Gametable tourney in Mineola on Jan 9th i think, where were you man!! You'd have had homefield advantage!

    btw, you main marth now? When did that happen dude, or is it just mindgames?
    Epic dude I work all dy everday but f you're ever free on the weekend let me know either send me an I'm or send me a pm I'm always down
    Idk bro, I want to go, but I have work that day and I am covering for someone's vacation day. So I don't think I can get off for it =/
    Hi, I am organizing a Sheik discussion group over Skype.
    If you got this then you are invited.

    Basically we will have different topics and then discuss them. The chat will be recorded and put on youtube. There any new Sheiks can watch the video's and they will hopefully get to know Sheik better and its community a little better.
    If you are interested please respond.
    Fox can get a 5% kill. Which is probably the most disgustingly awesome thing EVER. But, (and I'm fairly certain of this), Marth has the Priority (both in front of him, and either above or below him in the air... cant' remember) and Fox falls fast. Leads to some sick up throw combos from Marth. In fact, I think I can find a vid... I can. Of course, it's Ken as Marth, and M2K as Fox... so there is some really advanced skill going on there... But, still. See, Fox's laser isn't THAT good on a small stage. The only thing it's good for is SHL for Auto Cancel, which means instant shield or attack when you hit the ground. Which is perhaps enough to really tip towards Fox. But, on the whole, Marth I think has the advantage. Juuuuuuuuust barely.

    Of course, a better player is... well, a better player. :3
    Oh, I'd not checked in a few weeks. But, Fox has terrible matchups. Marth hurts Fox BAD, because Marth outranges him, and has better priority. Not to mention, Marth gimps hardcore.

    Bleh, getting yelled at. I'll reply with more of my brains when I'm calm.
    Sure, he can be beaten. Then again, any character can be. The issue is: MK is hard enough to beat to make it... unpleasant to fight him. He might be a lightweight, but, seriously, if you don't get the kill when you hit him to the side, he'll be back and he could come from ANY direction.
    Sonic might have options for recovering, but, quantity is not as useful as quality. MK's recoveries are ALL good, and numerous. Sonic has like... uB, sB, jump... dB isn't that good for recovery... takes too long to charge. I suppose you could spam nB, but, that'd make things worse if you were too far away from them.
    DDD is slick. But, his 4 jumps are roughly the same as a normal character's 2 jumps. :p
    Warrio gets gimped when an MK goes after him, hits him off the bike, and then laughs like a total prick while Warrio falls.
    The Puff is great at recovering, but can't kill nearly as well, since they murdered the Rest attack.
    ROB is a tough one. His recovery isn't really gimpable, but, whatever, that's ONE guy. Anyone else, no matter how sweet their recovery, can STILL be KOed by MK via Gimp.
    And, please note, I said you can't shield the Tornado in the AIR. Once you're up there, he's got a chance to make you suffer with that thing. And, it does hurt after a while. >.<!

    Also, remember: Brawl Tier List.
    SS: Meta Knight
    S: Snake
    A: Marth, Falco, (others.)

    FULL TIERS between MK and Marth. He's insane. Just freaking insane.
    Sure, but, you just said he's broken. Meaning he shouldn't be as good as he is. And, the tornado... Is difficult to shield against. Simply because it'll hit you right after, all over again. And, if you're doing it right, they won't expect it. Or, you do it while they're in the air. They could TRY to shield it. But, it'd probably not work out so hot. What with the not being able to shield in the air. ;~; Poor them. Also, he juggles crazy good. And, ROB, Warrior, and all the others you mentioned have one thing in common: Two Jumps, and a recovery. MK has 4 (or is it 5?) and a recovery. He's insane.
    The thing is: MK doesn't have a bad matchup. His tornado absorbs projectiles. Just... poof, gone, and worthless. The only way to stop it is to hit him, without getting hit first. By the dozens of slashies. ;~; So, even though Snake and Falco ARE good... MK's Tornado alone can really hinder them. After that? He's insane at recovery. >.<!
    XD True. PC. Chris is fairly crazy good. If I REALLY wanted to, I'd just talk to M2K, and ask him for some friendlies, and assuming he said yes, drive down to Jersey for an afternoonish. Or actually FIND KDJ and get some friendlies with him. I love living on the East Coast. <3

    The real issue is, there's NOT a whole lot left to 'unlock' so to speak about Brawl. Sure, there's probably a few combos that people haven't found... What am I saying, this is Brawl. There ARE no combos. A good player will more often than not, not get hit by your next attack, or power shield you, or what have you.

    And, do I really have to say it? Meta Knight. Wayyyyyy too good.
    Melee > Brawl, that's the short version. I see the mindgames, and I see the techs. What impresses me most is the ability to predict your opponent, know how they're going to do something, and capitalizing on it.

    And, the issue with Brawl? The biggest one? Is that being good at it with next to no effort is... sad. And pathetic. Not that you being good at it is sad or pathetic, but that the game was made that way. People actively hack in competitive value, since tripping sucks, gravity in that game sucks, no hitstun sucks... there's a longer list, too. That's the really, really, REALLY sad part.

    I know Melee is next to impossible to be good at. But, that's the fun. The challenge! :D
    The truth? I think I suck at Melee. I really do. I know I don't. In my mind I know this. I know I'm not pro, but, I'm not awful. But, I also want to be better. I want to be amazing at this great game. Besides, I also wanted to look into everything I could get my greedy hands on about Melee / Brawl. Though, the more I learned about Brawl, the more I was like, "Screw it, I'm starting my GCN again." Andddd, that's what I did. :p
    AKA: BEST MATCH EVER (with me in it, at least.) We were at Anime Boston, and I'm sitting around... there is EXACTLY one copy of Melee running. EXACTLY ONE. And, I'm talking to a few good (and I mean good) players... Ya know, AT talk. And, I say, kinda loudly, but not so much, "Anyone wanna run a Melee Tournament?" and, BAM, 1/2 the people playing Brawl stopped. It was GREAT. So, KDJ HAPPENS to walk by, and I'm like, "Look, I'm going to get knocked out of the tournament quick, cause I'm newbish atm. So, can I get a quick match in with KDJ?" I had learned who he was about 15 minutes prior. Anyways, Jungle Japes starts up, you know, the one with the River? And, I'm play... someone... Jesus, I don't think it mattered at all. He's not even playing Fox or Marth... or Sheik... And, I manage to only get Two Stocked. Best part was when he said, "Oh, right, I can Wavedash in this game." XD I lost three stocks after that.
    You got destroyed. DESTROYED. You cannot John out of this, rathy! Naw, I'm screwing around. These things happen. After all, Brawl is a partly random competition. :p
    Sadly, no. I never end up recording my stuff, because... well, because I don't think I'm that good. One of these days, I will. But, that day has yet to come. Besides, I'd have to get something to record with. XD Although, I do have an online (Random) match of me (Fox) and a Sheik. It was wicked close, and I won in Sudden Death. Which was lame. But, still, a great match. :D How bout you, though? Got any Sheik vids?
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