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Falco (MOP)
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  • i'm probably up to play sometime. but i livve like 2 and a half hours away minimum. i'm from kingsport.
    Yo wassup
    Heard you were gonna be in Cullowhee for the schol years. I'm gonna be in Boone, which is about 2 hours, but if we start having tournaments, I'll let you know. Would you be interested in that?
    Spife lives in the right direction though, northwestern MA. I'm right outside boston. I mostly offered because I like driving (though the xbox was a cool incentive), but if spife si willing to drive that works better for everyone, I think.
    Lol, parties aren't really my thing but I guess I can do it every once in a while. When I'm with my friends, it's generally laid back.. like we play SSF4 and smash, things like that.. or watch UFC. Not sure what kind of partying we would do lol.
    Well what do you mean by partying? lol, I do smoke sometimes the magic, but drinking not so much these days, I've lost the taste to do that I suppose. But you better bet we are going to have some "High" MMs. =P Whichever characters, I might surprise you! loll.
    hehe np, and yea looks to be about two weeks until sotp(apr 18), go there!
    Yeah man should be lots of fun. MOPB&J for a team name? HAHA so random. We should meet up on Friday and practice if I don't wind up working.
    lool I forgot to get back to this
    my bad -.-

    PM me the address I'd be driving too, the issue is your like 30-40 minutes out of the way which probably nearly doubels my driving time. MAYBE, I can go up there the night before, we can play, and then go, but I unno. I don't mean to sound selfish it's just...yeah :(
    still send me a pm the adress I'd be picking you up at and I'll see what can be done :3
    Lack of mindgames was your problem, and some poor choices. you've got potential.

    just don't think I've been lounging. i'm at least going to put up a fight. :)
    We'll see. i gotta scrape some rust off though. i try not to talk myself up or anything. If you win you win. Always thought you were a good player anyways. XD
    Well like I said in the thread, I'm totally down but it depends on what I'm doing saturday night. Friends are mad unorganized -.-
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