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Recent content by phish-it

  1. phish-it

    Sakurai: "If we Direct Smash ONLY at The Competitive Players, It Will Have No Future."

    Whats the surprise here? We know Sakurai doesn't like competition and doesn't want the Smash series to be competitive, unfortunately. One thing Sakurai fails to notice is that Melee had these competitive aspects but casuals and new players could still enjoy the game.
  2. phish-it

    Ehh, I don't really live close to Long Island plus am very busy this week.

    Ehh, I don't really live close to Long Island plus am very busy this week.
  3. phish-it

    Best respective players REDUX

    I don't know why people make such a big deal about 'if a person doesn't MAIN a character than they shouldn't be on the list for said character.' With that in mind M2K would be on the majority of these lists, but it's respectable to not include him for characters he doesn't even use regularly...
  4. phish-it

    Q&A The official "Ask Your Questions" thread

    Ah so close. You should try to be more aggressive in your edgeguards sometime. Chain Ace almost always up -d back to the stage. In tournament I tend to be too cautious too at times, but sometimes you've gotta just jump out and nair falco out of his recovery.
  5. phish-it

    Donkey duo: team strategy for double DK

    Back in Zenith 2012 Green Ranger and I teamed and we brought M2K and Jman down to 1 stock in tourney. Needless to say, DK is a poor teams character and 2 DK's on the same team is usually not any better. This team is best used for the hilarity factor.
  6. phish-it

    Q&A The official "Ask Your Questions" thread

    Thanks dude! Didn't know you still actively went to tournaments. My set vs Icer was close: shoutouts to the battlefield stage spike.I feel like I played well mentally at Zenith but I still have/had a lot of executional inconsistency overall.
  7. phish-it

    Q&A The official "Ask Your Questions" thread

    I guess I don't think the sheik matchup is as terrible as I used to. I feel like Ice Climbers are worse, but they are often overlooked because of how rare they are. As lackluster Dk's approach options are in general, they are mitigated even further when he loses his ability to dash dance grab...
  8. phish-it

    [Jul 25, 2014] Melee and Project M Singles Tournament (New City, NY)

    Whats the turnout expected for this? Is there a facebook event page?
  9. phish-it

    Q&A The official "Ask Your Questions" thread

    Here's my general matchup opinions: Crap: Falco Peach Ice Climbers (This might potentially be DK's worst matchup but I don't have a whole lot of experience playing it to really come to a conclusion) Bad but doable: Sheik Fox Captain Falcon Disadvantageous but manageable: Marth Jigglypuff...
  10. phish-it

    Q&A The official "Ask Your Questions" thread

    Marth and Jigglypuff are the most manageable matchups of the good characters. Mid tiers are fine too if you run into them.
  11. phish-it

    Space Invaders II - June 24th - Hamden, CT

    Swift is my bane. He always clutches it out at the end of our sets.
  12. phish-it

    Project Gambit Round 2 Results

    Good turnout, gotta step it up next time. By the way you should start uploading these into the rankings.
  13. phish-it

    A request to make Game and Watch good.

    Down smash is a good option off of a tech chase, especially after a down throw on a small platform.
  14. phish-it

    Project M @ New Challengers: Resistance Results 6-8

    Whats with the weird number placings? Should be 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 7th 9th 13th 17th 25th 33rd 49th etc. SilverAlloy used mostly Lucario.
  15. phish-it

    A request to make Game and Watch good.

    I know you can release it early, what I'm saying is it feels overwhelming to be able absorb 3 relatively weak attack in teams for example and have it be a one hit ko. If the bucket is made jump cancelable for example, that makes it safer and more reliable to use, which means it'll be easier to...
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