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  • Haha

    Yeah, I have unlimited texting, my cell number is 1-630-418-7693

    Send me a text saying its you and it will be easier to add you to my adress book that way lol.
    Right now i have been doin bad in smash.. i will prolly still go tho, but prolly just for friendlies and such. maybe we can play wifi, but i suck at brawl more than i do in melee. it would still be fun tho, lol. i'll send u a msg on AiB, but my fc should be on my profile. i dont have a laptop, or a computer by my wii, so if u have free txting that would be cool. if not i will think of something..

    p.s. im on my wii, and typing suxks!
    lol, cya.
    I'm out for the night probably, I'll talk to you tomorrow if I still need help.

    Thanks a ton man :)
    So I can't add my own textures? Or do I need that link to do it?

    The link doesn't work for me, I will test it out later.
    I just tested it right after you said it was down, it isn't, try another browser lol.

    And yes this is a VM :).

    No, just delete those textures that you added and it will work fine.
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