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  • lol yeah. I'll find the time to teach you floats at some point. Not too different from how Attributes work.
    Oh yeah, I know how to do that too. But it tends to get "messy" since you have to start sacrificing other commands, and very few moves have just random unused code lying around.

    What were you thinking about doing?
    Melee animation files are still a total mystery, but I see no reason for it to be different.
    Shields are attached to ThrowN during the shielding animations, so you can probably do whatever with that and it'll follow. The "Guard" animation in particular is a 360-frame animation used for shifting.
    Btw, I'll still be at Tipped Off 8 tomorrow and the venue has no Wi-Fi so uhh...

    might want to ask someone else if you got general questions about hacking.
    Yeah that's basically what I figured. I guess that's okay? I'd want to know what percents it becomes possible to regrab the spacies for tech stand and it changes the guessing games but it doesn't sound terrible.
    I dunno how I feel about her having an even worse low percent game vs space animals but... oh well.

    I'm guessing you reduced the knockback on the throw?
    Btw, yeah just wait for standardtoaster to do the DK change if it's possible. I don't have that technical ability yet. :/
    Assuming that m2ks formula for dk sideb is correct, I can probably look for and change the formula to use 10 or 1.1 like you wanted. (read vms between you and viet)
    It's just the old files from before but repackaged for newer testers.

    Weird, it's the same Mario file from before. You chose the SD option right?
    those two attributes are actually added together, and are actually air mobility a and b. during some actions mobility B is set to 0 like during puff's multijumps.
    Tournament at my house is on the 14th at 3pm if you want to come. Not sure if Corey is actually coming Ill let you know if he ever gets back to me (imma say doubtfulol)
    lol ripple you visitor messaged yourself. :p

    and yeah i noticed that too. definitely weird but it's easy enough to fix (although i'd prefer it just to not happen)
    Ok, just to let you know. Roy sometimes crashes? Idk. Somethings weird about this patch you gave me
    definitely some interesting **** right there. Did you ever ask Strong Bad why the angle was changed from 70 to 62 in the new P:M demos though? Just want to hear from a project that has had much more testing and stuff.
    Whoops, forgot to respond to this sooner. There are lots of different ways ICs could be made better, but fixing some of their faults might be complicated. The biggest downsides I see are the following:

    1. Nana is easy to kill
    2. Popo's solo recovery is pretty poor and the synced ICs' recovery options aren't exactly great, either.
    3. ICs don't cover the space above and in front of them very well.
    4. Related to #3: ICs' OoS options are terribly suited for dealing with certain types of pressure.

    #1 is probably the hardest thing to change since it would require dabbling with her AI: she'd need to be able air-dodge on her, up-B on her own (which would incidentally ruin a good desynch), or side-B on her own (which would mess up one desynch, but it's not a particularly good desynch and the side-B would help more). I don't know how feasible this would be, and Nana being a liability is part of what makes ICs interesting, so it's probably not one of the first things I'd look into.

    Kind of like #1, #2 isn't one of the first things I'd look into changing since ICs don't necessarily deserve a better recovery.

    #3 and #4, on the other hand, are things which I think could be fixed without making the character(s) feel too different. As it is, ICs struggle a lot with characters that can sort of hover around and in front of ICs or otherwise pressure them from a weird angle (Peach, Falcon, and Ganon come to mind). This might be a bit odd, but the thing I'd probably change to help with this is side-B. I think I'd make the solo version (which is more relevant OoS since you need to wait a bit after jumping OoS to do the synced version of the move) have a little horizontal boost in mobility (and perhaps a slight vertical one; I'm not sure about that and would probably lean against it), and also tweak the hitboxes near the start of the move so that they're less sporadic, e.g. make the hitboxes for the first third of a second or so hit more frequently (maybe with some GFX added to make it not look weird, unless you just change the animation of solo squall to make it fit anyways). On top of that, I'd make the last hitbox of solo squall stronger, so that it's not inherently unsafe to use as an attack, and also so that it might have some combo potential. I'd use the last hit of Brawl's synced squall as a reference point. I'd also add the stronger last hitbox to synced squall since that would have some nice applications, mainly against Peach. This incidentally could help their recovery a bit.

    That's probably all I'd do as a starting point.
    If there's anything you want to use from the "patch" I released, just ask! (=
    1. Damn, hype. I'll definitely get to work on trying to get some player videos.
    2. I've settled on Melee: SD Remix for a some time now, but I'm open to other ideas. It's a pun on the fact that Melee is a standard-definition resolution game, it'll most likely be run off a SD card, and is a reference to Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, which was also a game "rebalance."
    Crap, I'm half a day late. I'll be on Skype for an hour or so before hitting the sack. What exactly is wrong though (take it to PMs for legality reasons lol)?
    1) Z-offset is our X-offset when an attack is placed on a bone. In this case, looking from a character's eyes, front and back is Z, left and right are X, and Y is still up and down. Kinda weird, I know.

    2) Shield damage.

    Attack1(1) = Jab (1), etc.
    Attack<direction>3: tilts
    AttackS3(direction): angled ftilts

    4) Yeah.

    5) Melee doesn't use the same measurements as Brawl does, but I believe you are looking at a hitbox size increase regarding that number. 1400 is the exact size of Sheik's Fair, for reference.
    DK's Side-B effect is a global engine thing; like the set stun on Mewtwo's Side-B. Only someone like Magus or a lead hacker on the P:M team could find/edit that methinks.

    I increased the base damage of his Side-B to try to compensate, but of course it doesn't address the actual problem...
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